Huffington Post portrays Flaherty funeral costs as a Conservative partisan slight against Liberals

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The real story behind this article by Huffington Post’s Althia Raj on Jim Flaherty’s funeral service cost is how a journalist will use someone’s death to smear the Conservative government as vindictive.

Instead of comparing Flaherty’s state funeral to that of Jack Layton’s ($368,000) Raj picks Liberal Herb Gray as her standard:

The federal government spent just over $400,000 on the state funeral of former finance minister Jim Flaherty, while it spent only $2,571 on late Liberal deputy prime minister Herb Gray’s service. (see here)

I don’t support anyone getting a state funeral who doesn’t meet the strict criteria but for Raj to intentionally omit the money spent on Layton tells you everything you need to know about her personal vendetta and how low she will stoop to attack.

Also: See earlier post on Raj’s nutbar conspiracy theory that I take my direction from the PMO to go after her here


7 Responses to “Huffington Post portrays Flaherty funeral costs as a Conservative partisan slight against Liberals”

  1. andycanuck Says:

    Gee. Weren’t they the journalists who accused Flaherty of abandoning a sinking ship to pull in the big bucks as a CEO and/or lobbyist until he died a few weeks later? (And then conveniently forgot their previous accusations.)

    • Alain Says:

      Yes indeed, but do not forget that this is the Liberal PR media party just doing the only thing they know. They long, long ago lost all credibility when it comes to balanced or objective reporting.

  2. Liz J Says:

    They’re really going to get more desperate as their Shiny Pony self destructs, this is the type of crap they’ll be dredging up, they have nothing else. Apparently they think people are concerned with this above and beyond things like economic stability, jobs, the ongoing terrorist activity in the ME and Putin acting like he can take over any part of the Ukraine. Note they don’t bother to critique Obama, who is coasting through, twiddling his thumbs and showing himself to be the worst President we’ve seen in many years.
    They’re proving themselves to be a pack of clowns, not to be trusted to give us the unbiased facts we expect from real journalists. These people are nothing more than political activists.

  3. Beachdude Says:

    She is just little Justin’s buddy, so her hack job is not surprising. It will be quite amusing to watch her twisting when her boy gets actual questions with regards of his platform.

  4. Sandi S Says:

    No wonder they call it it the Huff HO

  5. Sean M Says:

    Raj is the Media Party President of the Justy Trudozo fan club. As can be seen in the photo above she’s about as serious a “journalist” as Trudozo is as leader of a political party, they’re both a couple of detached insufferable frauds, and clearly neither are very bright, or honest.

  6. Liz J Says:

    We have to conclude the Media Party members have struck rock bottom when they’ve stooped to grave digging to create a negative story on the Harper Conservatives.

    BTW, the trio in the above picture don’t look like people I’d want chaperoning a high school graduation dance.

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