Exposing an incompetent Ottawa Citizen reporter

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One of the greatest examples of how far the Media Party will go to protect the Liberal Party is the case of Jaspal Atwal (see here and here) which is what made me confront Ottawa Citizen reporter Ian MacLeod when he omitted naming Atwal in his story about the Trudeau break-in:

“He’s very high-profile right now, doing well in the polls. Who knows, some kook may have been motivated by something he or she has seen on the news,” said Ujjal Dosanjh, the former premier of British Columbia and federal minister.

Dosanjh’s office was firebombed in 1999 while he was serving as a member of British Columbia’s legislative assembly. In 1985, a man beat him with a lead pipe for speaking out, as a private citizen, against Sikh extremism. (see here)

But I certainly wasn’t expecting this response from MacLeod:

macleodAnd I sent him these which also included the photos of Ignatieff and Rae posing with Atwal:

macleod 1

rae atwal

atwal iggy

This is MacLeod’s bio from his Twitter account “Ottawa Citizen reporter covering national security, terrorism, surveillance & privacy, nuclear, aviation safety.” – think about that.



14 Responses to “Exposing an incompetent Ottawa Citizen reporter”

  1. 1957chev Says:

    Drag these vampires out into the daylight, Dean. People need to be aware of the miscreants within the Liberal circles!
    Corruption seems to be the order of the day, for many of them. Then the MSM has the audacity to try to hide it for them! Disgusting. No wonder no one believes the MSM propaganda. It’s not news, it’s an opinions and commentary. You have to watch SunNewsMedia, if you want to know what is really going on! Keep up the great work Dean.

  2. G. McRae Says:

    Jaspal Atwal *still* can’t be associated with the Liberal Party (BC or Federal) in 2014 can he? I don’t think the Liberals are that dumb.

    To McLeod’s point, Atwal was charged but acquitted in the Dosanjh beating, so “a man” is technically accurate. I don’t know if mentioning the Atwal angle would have helped the story about the Trudeau break in, but substitute the same story with Conservatives and it is a strong chance that it would be mentioned. Different rules for different parties.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Why would you assume he’s still not working for both the federal and BC Liberals – just because? You don’t know if mentioning it was a Liberal organizer and board director convicted of attempted murder who was also charged with beating Dosanjh was relevant – seriously?

  3. Sean M Says:

    MacLeod is typical of the “progressive cause” , they don’t give a damn how they get power, they just want it. If Atwall was working for the Conservatives, well that would be another narrative, a very negative one, as it should be, but because Atwalls presence within the Liberal Party is a guarantee of votes for that party, well than thats okay. Pandering, trolling for votes, whatever it takes to gain power the Liberals will do it, and if it means working with individuals or “groups” with questionable pasts or questionable motivations than thats fine, and the media will turn a blind eye because that would ruin the narrative of “how cool and shiny Justin is” .

  4. Centurion Says:

    The Ottawa “Petfinder” has a few incompetents in its stable of scribblers and typists. Hello Glen McGregor.

  5. Guffman Says:

    Perhaps Trudeau should be searching for the ‘root causes’ and ‘misunderstandings’ that would lead someone to break into his home. I’m sure it’s just someone who’s been ‘marginalized’ by society and just needs a big hug.

  6. Brenton Siddons Says:

    A phoney breakin is right up Larry Summers’alley

  7. Bubba Brown Says:

    Thank You Dean!
    You are the bright light that makes the critters scatter when you turn over the rocks of main stream media.
    Well done Sir!

  8. Liz J Says:

    Given the poll results we keep getting showing the Liberals ahead and Trudeau ahead of Harper for leader we need to start doing whatever it takes to get all this information out, the safety and security of our country depends on it.

    The Liberal Party is apparently willing to cavort with people who want to infiltrate our country’s government by whatever means possible, they’ll take us down a very dangerous path in their desperation for power,

    Serious stuff, each and every responsible citizen needs to look past Liberal window dressing with an empty suit who could prove to be dangerous to our safety and security given his attitude about root causes for terrorists.

    • Jen Says:

      why not read this Lizj,

      Justin Trudeau and His Friends at the Terror Mosque

      August 11, 2014 by Robert Spencer 67 Comments


      • Liz J Says:

        Thanks Jen. Do we need any more warnings of just how Trudeau’s mind “works” and the threat he would be to our security as PM?
        Those are the “friends” who Justin will encourage to run for his party and infiltrate our government by getting elected and pushing for their extreme sharia law. It’s only a matter of time, we need to pay close attention to the politics of this country and voice our opinions, put away the political correctness that is used to shut people up and allow the bad guys, our enemies and enemies of the free world, free rein.

  9. Beachdude Says:

    Great job Blue, keep up exposing these media clowns!!

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