Twitter account of Commissioner of Official Languages retweeting penis imagery jokes


The ‘story’ of the day yesterday was the Commissioner of Official Languages Graham Fraser accepting a complaint to investigate Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird for not tweeting equalling in French and English (see here) yet his official Twitter account is operating in an unprofessional and partisan manner.

First we have this Liberal petition being sent out:

fraser 1

And then this:

fraser official language

English only you’ll notice.

This obviously shows that his office doesn’t have any real work to do and to justify their existence, pick these make-work projects like going after Baird.

Trudeau campaigned at Edmonton mosque that teaches kids homosexuality is same as having aids


While the Media Party were busy writing love-letters to Liberal leader Justin Trudeau like the Ottawa Citizen’s Mark Kennedy was doing:


They cluster around him. Mothers and fathers with children. Old men with canes. Teenagers with that star-struck look in their eyes.

Many of them carry cell-phone cameras, and as he approaches, they ask him to pose with them. (see here)

Sun News’ Ezra Levant was actually looking into what Trudeau was up to in Edmonton during this Liberal caucus summer retreat – and what he uncovered was revolting.

Trudeau had a private meeting with a Muslim group at a local mosque which included the organizer of the pro-Hamas rally, Saima Jamal who had gloated after Israeli- supporters were attacked during it (see here) and who at this meeting with Trudeau admonished him for being too pro-Israel, calling that government tyrants:


But it gets worse…much, much worse.

This mosque that Trudeau campaigned at is teaching children that homosexuality is like having a disease:

trudeau mosque

You can watch the full segment here.

So, once again the Media Party look the other way and continue writing Trudeau propaganda leaving Levant to do the real reporting.

Will you feel bad when these same journalists lose their jobs due to the next round of cutbacks? 

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