Twitter account of Commissioner of Official Languages retweeting penis imagery jokes


The ‘story’ of the day yesterday was the Commissioner of Official Languages Graham Fraser accepting a complaint to investigate Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird for not tweeting equalling in French and English (see here) yet his official Twitter account is operating in an unprofessional and partisan manner.

First we have this Liberal petition being sent out:

fraser 1

And then this:

fraser official language

English only you’ll notice.

This obviously shows that his office doesn’t have any real work to do and to justify their existence, pick these make-work projects like going after Baird.


9 Responses to “Twitter account of Commissioner of Official Languages retweeting penis imagery jokes”

  1. Guffman Says:

    Thanks for exposing another hypocrite, embedded, Liberal cheerleader, public servant.

  2. Rufusrastasjohnsonbrown Says:

    Yet another example of why 40% of the eligible voters say screw it every election.

  3. Sean M Says:

    Forced “bilingualism” is a racket, an inherently bigoted, obscenely expensive racket. The french language gestapo have to find creative ways to spend the billions of dollars that are wasted annually on this bigoted social engineering scheme. Fraser is a dyed in the wool commie so it comes as no surprise that he takes to his appointment of french language czar so seriously and with such dedication. Of all the Government imposed race hustles I’d have to say that Trudeaus imposed “bilingualism” (frenchification) is the most sinister, the most useless, the most expensive, the most secretive, and the most bigoted.

  4. 1957chev Says:

    Pictures are the universal language. With the pictures he is retweeting, he is saying he is disrespectful of the general public. Those types of pictures should not be published on twitter.

    • Robert Connon Says:

      Let him publish whatever wants. FREEDOM of SPEECH is one of the few freedoms along with the right he has TO MAKE A FOOL OF HIMSELF. that is still allowed in Canada.

  5. Monkey Says:

    This is way over the top. What happens for cabinet ministers who are not bilingual as every cabinet in Canadian history has at least one unilingual cabinet minister. I am sure if someone posed a question to Baird in French he would answer in French.

  6. Liz J Says:

    I think the commissar of official languages knows his job is screwing the public purse, his pictorial tweet says it all, it should be made redundant by the present government.

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