Media Party giving law-breaking Greenpeace free publicity

greepeace globe

The above photo of Greenpeace which shows them clearly breaking the law was quickly retweeted by the Globe and Mail.

This got me thinking of what other criminal organizations besides eco-groups do the Media Party so readily support by giving them free advertising like this? 


4 Responses to “Media Party giving law-breaking Greenpeace free publicity”

  1. Liz J Says:

    We have come to expect the Media Party to give free advertising to any group against Harper. They have no scruples either,
    they’ll take the side of the enemies of the economic welfare of the country, give free coverage to groups funded from old rich, meddling fools from the US.

    Has anyone listened to news coverage from all our main networks calling the black hooded hate filled sicko, knife in hand ready to cut off the head of a US journalist, an “Islamic militant”. Militant bedamned,he’s a terrorist and a murderer capable of the most unspeakable act anyone belonging to the human race could do?

    The Media Party is nothing more than an enemy of their own country when they can’t bear to call a spade a spade, apply truth in reporting the terrible atrocities by the enemies of the free world of which they are a part. Prime Minister Harper is the most credible leader in the free world today if they’d bother to put their political agenda aside. I shudder to imagine where we’d be if we had Trudeau in charge at this crucial time but he’s their “man”.

    I’ve never been more concerned for this country, what we have allowed into it, politicians and their media cheerleaders so desperate for power above all else……the scum of the earth will have a bead on Canada if the Socialist/Leftists take the helm.

  2. Jen Says:

    LizJ, Remember the ‘ANTIC-TERRORIST ACT Bill which PM Harper re-introduced from the Liberals? Well, the liberals under Dion; NDP under Layton; and the Bloc all voted ‘AGAINST’ the bill. Can you imagine the shock ; the disgust; the betrayal the opposition demonstrated to us all Canadians. I don’t trust them and their useless good for nothing media with our lives and our country. No wonder ‘militants or terrorists will make use of them.
    Who do you think the media will support in an instant CANADA or the Liberals. My guess is the Liberals only.
    And other thing, when that jack ass Justin made the ‘DUMBNEST’ statement ‘the reason why Putin invaded Ukraine because Putin/Russia lost the Hockey game’ think about the ARTIC within that statement.

  3. Al in Cranbrook Says:

    JT goes to Calgary to express his admiration for Alberta (‘s wealth)…
    Then moves on to NB to stand beside their provincial Liberal leader to campaign against fracking.
    Someone might pose the question to both of them: Can we then assume that, if the Liberals win in NB by expounding the evils of fracking, a Premier Gallant will refuse to accept equalization dole earned almost entirely from fracked oil wells in the west?
    Ha ha! Just kidding! Of course they won’t! Silly and naive westerners!

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