Pressure is building from the NDP against the Media Party for their pro-Trudeau coverage

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The Media Party has three basic groups which politically support them (Liberal, NDP, Green) but the NDP is not at all happy with them right now.

It’s always been a balancing act within the Media Party to try and never alienate these three political party’s base but when the Liberals tanked last election and the NDP under Jack Layton became the Official Opposition due to their emergence in Quebec, this became much harder to do but not impossible as long as Layton was leader and the Liberals were struggling – then Layton died and Trudeau became Liberal leader.

The Media Party quickly switched over to the Liberals again leaving Thomas Mulcair and the NDP, not because they don’t like them but because they believed Trudeau was the best horse to bet against Stephen Harper and the Conservatives. To the Media Party, it’s not a personal distaste against Mulcair and the NDP’s Commies, Separatists and anti-Jews so much as their absolute hatred of Harper.

This leads me to the op-ed written by the Winnipeg’s Free Press’ Mia Rabson who exposes the pressure from the NDP faction over the Media Party’s disgusting pimping of Trudeau:


For readers who are already convinced Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada are getting more than their fair share of attention, the events of recent days and those to come will do nothing to dispel those thoughts.

Fair or not, Trudeau and his team have found a formula that gets attention in the social media dominated, 24-hour, play-by-play news cycle we live in.

Yes, it is helped along by a news corps that leaps eagerly at handsome, shiny baubles. Yes, it is aided by the fact a lot of Canadians loved Pierre Trudeau and have a je-ne-sais-quoi crush on his son. And yes, it is annoying when personality trumps policy.

But we have a chicken and egg situation here — the media covers the Trudeau circus because the public eats it up, and the public eats it up because the media is covering the Trudeau circus. And around and around we go. (see here) 

Of course Rabson doesn’t mention in this gag-inducing, apologist piece is the Media Party actively shielding Trudeau from scandals or stories which would damage him and don’t get me started on her replacing the Ottawa Press Gallery’s love for Pierre Trudeau and their crush on his son as coming from “a lot of Canadians”.

The Conservatives can look to exploit this rift and I absolutely love that Rabson is fooling herself thinking this will appease her newspaper’s NDP readers – if anything, they will be even more angry.


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