Pressure is building from the NDP against the Media Party for their pro-Trudeau coverage

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The Media Party has three basic groups which politically support them (Liberal, NDP, Green) but the NDP is not at all happy with them right now.

It’s always been a balancing act within the Media Party to try and never alienate these three political party’s base but when the Liberals tanked last election and the NDP under Jack Layton became the Official Opposition due to their emergence in Quebec, this became much harder to do but not impossible as long as Layton was leader and the Liberals were struggling – then Layton died and Trudeau became Liberal leader.

The Media Party quickly switched over to the Liberals again leaving Thomas Mulcair and the NDP, not because they don’t like them but because they believed Trudeau was the best horse to bet against Stephen Harper and the Conservatives. To the Media Party, it’s not a personal distaste against Mulcair and the NDP’s Commies, Separatists and anti-Jews so much as their absolute hatred of Harper.

This leads me to the op-ed written by the Winnipeg’s Free Press’ Mia Rabson who exposes the pressure from the NDP faction over the Media Party’s disgusting pimping of Trudeau:


For readers who are already convinced Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada are getting more than their fair share of attention, the events of recent days and those to come will do nothing to dispel those thoughts.

Fair or not, Trudeau and his team have found a formula that gets attention in the social media dominated, 24-hour, play-by-play news cycle we live in.

Yes, it is helped along by a news corps that leaps eagerly at handsome, shiny baubles. Yes, it is aided by the fact a lot of Canadians loved Pierre Trudeau and have a je-ne-sais-quoi crush on his son. And yes, it is annoying when personality trumps policy.

But we have a chicken and egg situation here — the media covers the Trudeau circus because the public eats it up, and the public eats it up because the media is covering the Trudeau circus. And around and around we go. (see here) 

Of course Rabson doesn’t mention in this gag-inducing, apologist piece is the Media Party actively shielding Trudeau from scandals or stories which would damage him and don’t get me started on her replacing the Ottawa Press Gallery’s love for Pierre Trudeau and their crush on his son as coming from “a lot of Canadians”.

The Conservatives can look to exploit this rift and I absolutely love that Rabson is fooling herself thinking this will appease her newspaper’s NDP readers – if anything, they will be even more angry.



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  1. Liz J Says:

    Didn’t one of Mulcair’s Members quit using as an excuse Mulcair’s support for Israel’s right to defend itself ? That party has quite a problem top heavy with members from Quebec some of whom I doubt even Mulcair knows just where their true allegiance lies.
    It will be interesting to see what happens but those who vote NDP will not vote Conservative normally but anything could happen in Quebec if they decide it’s time to make mischief with protest voting.

    At this point maybe we can say thanks to Mia, we need the NDP to hold their ground to a point, remember Justin thinks he can get a majority, I like the Liberals right where they are. they have neither the talent or leader fit to take over our affairs of state.

  2. Bubba Brown Says:

    Indeed Liz J Justin is a young bull in a china shop, which he brings with him wherever he goes to talk at Canadians.
    The buzz over his alleged breakin seems to have died down with the surveillance video looking like his younger brother talking on his cell phone.
    I was under the impression that it was not difficult for police to track cell phones, was it a long distance call to Winnepeg?
    Muclairs MP who quit over Israel’s right to defend itself against the Hamas thugs did Tom a favor IMO.
    Hard to say which way Quebec will jump next time Jack’s traffick cones are not impressing anyone

    • Liz J Says:

      Well Bubba, as long as we hear crickets on the intrusion through an unlocked door at the Trudeau’s Ottawa residence there will be suspicions as to whodunit. Why his place? Did the intruder know who lived there? Why was nothing taken? What was the purpose of leaving a note on a row of knives?
      The cops have video of the person, he was using a cell phone, do we need Scotland Yard on this case , or Inspector Clouseau? We need to know, we’ll be paying for the security he failed to have in place at his residence, that is beyond the common sense of locking doors which even regular alarm systems wouldn’t work unless there was a real break in.

      • Bubba Brown Says:

        Well Liz J, If he can’t seem to look after his lovely little family, how will he manage mine or yours?
        To say nothing of the rest of Canada.
        Funny that, we are not hearing anything at all about the big “break in”.
        Anything to keep Junior in the news.
        Short of setting fire to his hair that is.
        As far as the polls putting him as a shoo in for the PM’s residence, how about this gem
        The dismal response rate skews any meaning these polls might have once had.IMHO
        After all 81% did not vote Liberano in the last election.
        Maybe Justin is headed for the dustbin, no?

    • Roger Says:

      Following a Google search of images of Alexandre Trudeau, would have to agree with you that the person in the surveillance video certainly looks like him.

  3. Sean M Says:

    The NDP have definitely been left at the alter by their Media Party comrades. The Media Party have clearly and wholeheartedly thrown their support to Junior Idiot and the corrupt radical Liberals, and its only going to get worse, much worse. The Media Party will not only campaign for Castros nephew, they will continue to cover and defend him at every turn. It’s a good strategy for the NDP to call out their comrades in the media campaigning for Trud Jr, it might have the effect of slowing down the medias campaign to get the boy blunder elected. As for the Media Party assertion that “Canadians love Trudeau Sr”, well thats just absurd… most Canadians don’t even know who Trudeau Sr is, nor the damage that madman inflicted on this country, some Canadians, mainly the terminally stupid and other commies, yes, they worship the little dictator from Quebec, but I would say an even greater number despise that old gargoyle. The Media Party will simply look to any plausible or non plausible theory to promote their boy, like they don’t have any choice but to promote the blathering fool.

  4. Liz J Says:

    There are things to consider concerning the power of the Media Party arm of the LPC to sway voters, one being the great fall in print readership and the availability of information on the internet through blogging. Not to forget also SNN which can also be viewed online.
    We should remember PM Harper rose to the top in spite of the media’s best efforts. As well we should remember Harper made it to majority without Quebec a feat in itself. Justin and Mulcair can tear each other up over Quebec while the PM can concentrate on the ROC. Harper can instill the fact the Oil Sands are the lifeblood of country. Pipelines need to be built, something the Liberals and NDP are waffling on in spite of the fact without this oil production, sales and jobs. Quebec, Ontario and the Atlantic regions would be a tad short on the dole through Equalization.

  5. Liz J Says:

    Love the picture at top of this thread, looks like the Village idiots are all dressed up and having fun, even serious thinkers need to unwind.

  6. Dana Says:

    So does this mean that the media party by protecting Justin also
    condone his stance on such things as the abortion issue and the issue of visiting mosques that are known for their extremism.
    I checked the Alijazeera website (owned by the Quatars and affliated with the Muslim Brotherhood) and there is a rather interesting article on Justin. They are hoping he plans on making changes which sounds rather ominious and strangely like the floundering Obama to the south of us. Apparently Omar Alghabra is an old buddy of Justin’s and Justin is just smart enough to be lead by the nose by certain individuals in his
    back room.

    • Liz J Says:

      That should be our biggest fear and judging by actions and talk from Trudeau it’s not unfounded.
      Omar Alghabra may be one of his advisers, who knows, therein lies the problem with Trudeau, he lacks the qualifications, the knowledge, he’ll be the front man, basically an empty suit, his advisers will be unelected faceless bureaucrats making the decisions.

      I’d like to say I have faith in the Canadian voters but living in Ontario, given the results of the last election in this province I’ve never been more concerned for our country.

  7. Dana Says:

    I predict that thanks to obama’s bungling things could change rather drastically before our next election. God help our neighbours to the south.

  8. Liz J Says:

    So she’s at it again with her hate filled diatribe, Heather Mallick of the TorStar has a disgusting 740 word column in that red rag today loaded with personal attacks on Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of this country . Among some of her adjectives she used the word “sociopath” as one of her descriptives of the PM. This is beyond mere screed, it’s beyond the pale and should call for litigation, an apology from the likes of her would mean nothing.

  9. Martin Says:

    This story just gets stranger as it unfolds. Could some investigative journalist find out what really is going on?

    • Liz J Says:

      This is definitely stranger than fiction, the guy was drunk, he had no idea who’s house he was in but had enough sobriety to write a note telling them to lock their doors. Where did he find the paper and pen? Where did he find knives to place the note on? Why did he choose to put the note on top of the knives……as the story goes?
      Why are charges not being pressed? Was it a publicity stunt? The whole thing stinks.

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