Macleans pimps Trudeau for past 12 years but Paul Wells says it’s the Conservatives who are obsessed with Trudeau

Paul Wells in conversation with Justin Trudeau.

If Macleans’ Paul Wells had an ounce of shame he wouldn’t have even thought about writing this load of garbage about how the Conservatives are obsessed with Justin Trudeau:

Justin Trudeau is the fifth Liberal leader the Harper Conservative government has faced, if you count Bill Graham in 2006 and Bob Rae in 2011-12. He fronts the smallest caucus of any of them, having banished Liberal senators from the party’s weekly meetings at the beginning of this year. He is not even the Opposition leader—that job belongs to the scrappy and dogged Tom Mulcair, whose NDP caucus has 2½ MPs for every Liberal in the Commons.

Yet, there is plainly something about Trudeau that gets under Conservatives’ skins. The Liberals haven’t elected an MP in Alberta since 2004. But the Conservatives’ official Twitter account marked his visit to Edmonton for the Liberals’ annual caucus retreat by urging supporters to “sign your name if you want to keep Alberta blue.” The tweet was illustrated with an image of an all-blue map of Alberta. It left the uncomfortable impression that Conservatives are worried their party’s bastion could actually topple. Before Trudeau’s closing news conference in Edmonton, the Prime Minister’s Office sent reporters 360 words of talking points attributed to MPs Chris Warkentin and Jacques Gourde. “From the economy, to our security, to First Nations accountability and Canada’s role on the world stage—Justin Trudeau and his team have consistently demonstrated one truth,” the release said. “They lack the judgment to lead.” (see here)

Because, besides Macleans running Trudeau on their front covers since at least 2002:

justin trudeau

Wells had been caught staying at Liberal Scott Brison’s house while on vacation (see here) which is obviously a blatant conflict of interest and reaches far past the realms of ethical journalism.

So, who is really obsessed with Trudeau and the Liberals?

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17 Responses to “Macleans pimps Trudeau for past 12 years but Paul Wells says it’s the Conservatives who are obsessed with Trudeau”

  1. Liz J Says:

    What a stinker. Wells is playing down Trudeau’s importance as leader of the third party while they’re all shilling for him big time. How often do we hear them talk or write about Mulcair becoming PM?

    They’re taking voters for real dopes, maybe they’re right judging how Ontario ended up, giving the worst, most scandal ridden mess Ontario ever had a majority.

  2. dance...dancetotheradio Says:

    Paul Wells looks like Elton John’s idiot twin brother.
    I heard somewhere once that Macleans gets funding from the feds.
    Is that true?
    And if it is, it should stop.

  3. Sean M Says:

    Wells is a self important twat, and a Liberal party shill. When Wells isn’t sharing a bong with his preferred candidate Trudozo or accepting favours from Scott Brison he busies himself with writing hit pieces on the Conservative Government. Wells is always looking for a reason, any reason, to write something, anything, about his bong buddy Trudozo and it’s always frothy, absurd, and protective. Wells knows full well that his favoured candidate Trustupid is a moron, a colossal moron, but he would rather an imbecile pretend to run the country than have someone competent at the helm. Wells and his Media Party comrades don’t like it when the Government points out Trudozo’s many faults so they run to the middle aged boy’s defense every time, as if criticizing Castros nephew is strictly forbidden not just by the media but everyone else too. Wells should stick to doing things he’s good at, like dressing up as a little girl (Anne of Green Gables) and hitting the bong with his celebrity buddy, Trudozo the Clown.

    • dance...dancetotheradio Says:

      As much as I can’t stand Wells it’s his effete protégé Aaron Wherry that really gets under my skin.

      • Sean M Says:

        Yeah, Wherry is an insufferable little man, he reminds me of a wet dish rag. Referring to these people as “journalists” is absurd.

    • Liz J Says:

      It’s obvious Wells and company hate PM Harper and his Conservative Government in spite of the fact we are doing well under his leadership. The media shills are willing to gamble the country’s stability because they hate Harper more than they care about the what’s best for the country on all fronts, from a stable economy to foreign affairs.

      Trudeau is coming off more and more like a flake with no substance, not fit, capable or qualified to run this great country. We would have a disaster on our hands with no idea who is running the country with Trudeau the Pretender fronting as leader. Old hangers-on like Ralphie Goodale, Carolyn Bennett, Scooter Brison, John McCallum, dunderhead David McGuinty don’t look like very impressive cabinet material either but they’ll all be running and winning, they’ll be busy hovering around their pretend leader. We would suffer great embarrassment and that would be the least of our problems.

  4. Says:

    I read Wells book about PM Harper. It might surprise a lot of people who may easily have dismissed it, without reading it.

  5. Liz J Says:

    Journalists who write unauthorized books about Prime Ministers are led by their own opinions and should be treated as such.
    I wouldn’t buy one or read one on any PM I’ve lived under, I have my own opinions too and vote accordingly.

  6. Bubba Brown Says:

    Lemme guess Harper bad Juthtin good, even fabulous.
    Man/boy wanker crush.
    My concern and I think every other adult in the country is the utter lack of a functioning intellect in Mr Trudeau.
    Fifty years of fracking and not one single well contaminated.
    Jethrow still wants “scientists” to tell him if it’s OK.
    His “root causes” ramblings were another brain fart.
    Trouble is fart catchers like Wells will not ask the little darling any real questions.
    Beyond “what is your favorite colour”
    In Justins world the back door isn’t locked and a carbon tax would put those nasty Westerners in their place.

  7. Liz J Says:

    BTW, looking at the front cover picture of macleans at the top of this thread one would think Trudeau was posing as a male model, Mr Pretty Boy, instead of running for the serious job of running our country. Jeeze, is Wells and company in love with the boy?

  8. Jen Says:

    Paul Wells not the only one craving for Justin Trudeau to become PM, so are the extremists.

    • Liz J Says:

      Looking at Obama and how he’s dealing with foreign affairs right now should scare any Canadian with a brain to steer clear of electing the Liberals under Pretender Leader Trudeau. Can anyone imagine these two incompetents putting their heads together and what they’d come up with?

  9. Clary Says:

    So get off your ass and cancel your Rogers services and tell them why.Its a free market and there are alternatives.

  10. Murray B Says:

    We have few real choices. There are red Liberal candidates, orange liberal candidates running as NDP, and blue liberal candidates running as Tories. There are few conservative choices and the liberals can often elect their candidates through “irregularities” like happened in Edmonton Centre in 2006 or the use of vote counting machines.

    It is easy to know which are conservative though. Just ask them if John Diefenbaker caused the “Black Friday” layoffs. If they say “yes” then they believe in liberal fantasies about the giant flying white elephant and must be liberals ore one of their lackeys.

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