NDP MP Charlie Angus lies about National Firearms Association in Toronto Star


Peter MacKay gun sweater

In a segment showing how the Media Party flipped-out after Minister Peter MacKay wore a National Firearms Association t-shirt, Sun News’ Brian Lilley exposes CBC’s David Common for being absolutely clueless about Canada’s gun laws (see video here):


and also hi-lighted NDP MP Charlie Angus lying to the Star (read here) about the National Firearms Association:

spence angus


I’ve asked their Field Officer Erica Clarke if the NFA will be responding to this libel by Angus and will update if she responds.


14 Responses to “NDP MP Charlie Angus lies about National Firearms Association in Toronto Star”

  1. DW Says:

    You know when Charlie Angus is lying when his lips move. He cannot have such a hold on his constituents up there that with some effort, the Conservatives couldn’t unseat him. My guess is he’ll start coming into real money once he is ousted and becomes an counselor for Native groups like former PM Paul Martin, former NDP leader Bob Rae, etc., etc.

  2. jparcjr Says:

    Reading the comments on the Star and the CBC made me want to throw up, that is how disgusted I was by 90% of them. only comment to clear up any misconceptions or to state the facts of the matter, what posters say is nothing but made up BS that doesn’t have any semblance to reality. Though that is expected by the Average Tstar and CBC reader.

  3. Beachdude Says:

    Charlie flips out of anything and everything, so his latest tirade is not news. It is also why people look at the NDP as a party of protest nothing more.

  4. Liz J Says:

    Charlie keeps getting re-elected because of his talent for shooting off his mouth, what comes out of it apparently doesn’t matter to those who vote for him. As for the Toronto Star, if a story is against the Conservatives why would they bother to check it out for legitimacy when it plays to their bias?

  5. Bubba Brown Says:

    Is that Libby standing next to Angus?
    Looks like she is in on the fish soup diet craze sweeping the Nation.
    As for Minister MacKay wearing a t-shirt, it did not seem worth commenting on when Junior Trudeau wore a full press dish-dasha and recited the shahada at friday prayers.
    We firearm owners have organized and pushed back against the people who would see us lose our rights.
    We are loyal law abiding Canadians.

    • Liz J Says:

      The person standing next to Chuckie the mouth is Indian Chief Spence who had been sipping fish broth in a tent on the Hill for a few days of so-called hunger strike/protest……. By night she went to a hotel to refresh herself. This was the perfect opportunity for a parade of Liberals and NDPer’s to flock to her side and hold her hand….Paul Martin and Justin Trudeau among them. Never mind the Liberals did squat on the Indian file when in power beyond a money toss into the black hole. Spence was living large driving a luxury Cadillac while her “subjects” were living in squalor and the government was /is being blamed. Facts never got in the way of this farce either, not a fit with the media party’s agenda.

  6. fhl Says:

    OFF TOPIC great news PM Harper nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

    • Liz J Says:

      Well, for whatever it’s worth after Arafat was actually given the award…..It would be great if he did win,it would be deserved and it would drive the lefties nuts as an added bonus.

    • Robert Connon Says:

      I would like to see PM Harper refuse the BS award .

  7. Jen Says:

    The same CHARLIE ANGUS who bitches for every small item? Well, as far as I know from the media’s silence did he repay for what he was charged with:
    NDP ethics critic Charlie Angus violated election rules;

  8. Montreal Gazette runs letter calling Justice Minister Peter MacKay “Machine Gun MacKay” | BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all... Says:

    […] Media Party’s attack on Minister Peter MacKay (see here) coordinated by the NDP-connected Broadbent Institute (see here) for daring to pose for a photo […]

  9. Rasputin2 Says:

    Too bad the Media Party doesn’t publish facts rather than NDP lies. They are not calling for stripping of all gun laws, just Bill C-68. A return to common sense when liberal anti gun legislation made criminals out of law abiding gun owners.

    The comments are now closed so couldn’t input anything.

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