I catch another CP reporter omitting naming partisan Harper-haters sitting on group’s board of directors


Last week Canadian Press issued a correction after I complained about their reporter Stephanie Levitz omitting that the Mowat Centre was loaded with Liberals including Trudeau’s puppet-master Gerald Butts (see here) yet once again a reporter of theirs does it again.

An alarm goes off in my head every time I read about some group complaining in the media about PM Stephen Harper as this World Federalist Movement was to CP’s Mike Blanchfield on Harper speaking at the UN:

A broad coalition of former diplomats and public servants is questioning whether Stephen Harper’s return to the United Nations this week is politically motivated. (see here)

So I took a look at their board of directors and immediately these names confirmed my suspicion:

world federalist movement

Warren Allmand: Ex-Liberal MP 

Bill Blaikie: Ex-NDP MP

Ian Waddell: Ex-NDP MP and BC NDP MLA

Errol Mendes: Ex-Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff adviser

And of course Mendes is one of the biggest Harper-haters in Ottawa.

I’m sure I could find more partisan activities if I cared to look into the others on this board but these four should have been enough for Blanchfield to let his readers know who was running this organization.

I’ll be filing another complaint with CP and will update you if they respond.

Also: See earlier post on CP reporter Murray Brewster using Mendes as one of his story’s sources here.

Update: I have now filed a complaint with CP.

Day after Media Party go ape over Ezra Levant calling Trudeau’s dad a slut, NP runs sexist story on female Conservative MP


As most of you now know, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has now boycotted Sun News over a segment where Ezra Levant called Pierre Trudeau a “slut” and posted the infamous photo of Margaret Trudeau not wearing any underwear while partying at Club 54 in New York (watch here) but of course this is just a smokescreen to justify Trudeau ignoring Sun News reporters asking tough questions like his support for terrorists keeping their dual citizenships (see here).

The video of Trudeau intentionally refusing to answer a Sun News reporter asking him about it was devastating (watch here) and this is the real reason Trudeau’s puppet-master Gerald Butts organized this boycott 8 days after Levant’s segment aired.

And of course the usual Media Party suspects jumped to attack Levant and Sun News right on cue after being silent for over a week:

southey 2

Just don’t expect Southey to be outraged when it’s a Conservative politician like Michelle Rempel being the subject of sexism:

Last November, she fielded controversy for posting a Twitter profile photo of herself leaning on a desk in the House of Commons. (see here)

What the National Post’s Sarah Boesveld omits mentioning is that is was the CBC’s Susan Lunn who was the one screaming this blatant sexist remark at Rempel during a press scrum (watch video here).

lunn graham

It sure didn’t take long for the Media Party to prove how their collective outrage is only for non-conservatives huh?

Also: Don’t forget when Macleans Luiza Savage called female journos at Sun News “Skanks” which was applauded by many Media Party members and condemned by none (see here).

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NDP’s National Fundraiser Alex Anderson “Fuck the Israel Defence Forces”


Wonder if Thomas Mulcair’s Jewish wife agrees with the NDP’s EDA and National Fundraiser official who posted this on Facebook:

anderson 1

Mulcair will certainly fire this clown right?

Liberal MP Dominic Leblanc chairing NB Liberal provincial election campaign

leblanc trudeau

There hasn’t been a peep out of the media asking Liberal leader Justin Trudeau why his MP Dominic Leblanc was allowed to chair a provincial election:

Liberal campaign co-chair Dominic LeBlanc called on Elections New Brunswick to get the count right because that’s what voters deserve. (see here)

Why is it acceptable for Leblanc to collect a paycheque as a federal politician yet spend his time working on a provincial campaign?

Media Party lie that Trudeau learns his bad behaviour from Harper


Media Party members who finally do criticise Liberal leader Justin Trudeau usually add a caveat which partially excuses him by laying the blame on PM Stephen Harper as if Harper has set the bar for nastiness.

The latest pusher of this garbage meme comes from the National Post’s Kelly McParland:

The party’s reaction to questions about its abortion stance seems to have been lifted wholesale from the Stephen Harper approach to dealing with dissent: denounce, demean, dismiss. (see here)

It’s beyond lazy and very telling that somehow it’s Harper fault that Trudeau is a jackass.

I’ve asked McParland when was the last time Harper screamed out in the House that another MP was a piece of shit (see here) – will get back to you when he lets me know.


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