Montreal Gazette runs letter calling Justice Minister Peter MacKay “Machine Gun MacKay”

Peter MacKay gun sweater

The Media Party’s attack on Minister Peter MacKay (see here) coordinated by the NDP-connected Broadbent Institute (see here) for daring to pose for a photo wearing a National Firearms Association t-shirt is getting smellier and smellier the more I look into it.

For example, this letter run in the Montreal Gazette caught my eye:

Conservative Justice Minister Peter MacKay was recently photographed at an event organized by the National Firearms Association, a group that calls for the legislation of automatic weapons. MacKay sported a shirt bearing an automatic rifle and a maple leaf with the slogan “No Compromise.”

His antics are an insult to the memory of the many victims of firearms, such as the young women killed at the Polytechnique in 1989. I hope MacKay will have the courage of his convictions and wear this shirt when he meets with RCMP officers, who are still mourning the murder of three of their fellow officers by a crazed gunman. No doubt, the officers would have a few choice things to say to “Machine Gun MacKay.”

Kevin Callahan

I’ve not only written to the Montreal Gazette’s managing editor  and editor-in-chief to ask these questions:

1) is the rifle depicted automatic?

2) is the NFA lobbying for legislation to make automatic weapons available?

3) what is the Gazette’s policy for verifying the accuracy of letters?

I’m also trying to track down who the writer Kevin Callahan is and if he has any political affiliations.

Stay tuned.

Update: I’ve confirmed the letter writer as Kevin Callahan from McGill University but he has so far refused to respond to my follow-up questions:

Me – A letter by a “Kevin Callahan” was posted in the Montreal Gazette and
I’m wondering if you were the author?

Callahan – Yes, indeed. I am the author of the letter in question

Me – Thank you, and you have no affiliations with the NDP or other political parties?

Me – And are you related to Alex Callahan who works for the Ontario NDP?


Update: The Gazette promises to run correction

Dear Mr. Skoreyko,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

As a result of your first two questions, we are running a correction.

As for your third question, yes we do fact-check letters, however these inaccuracies slipped through.

Edie Austin

Content editor, Editorial pages


4 Responses to “Montreal Gazette runs letter calling Justice Minister Peter MacKay “Machine Gun MacKay””

  1. Jen Says:

    Maybe Peter M.k. should have held a machine gun with finger on the trigger as did Jack Layton. Maybe a photo of Jack with gun should be sent to NDP CHARLIE ANGUS AND NDP as well as to the Montreal GAZETTE, to remind them how ignorance can cloud their vision.

    – to the Gazette: which is better:
    -jack laton holding a rifle with finger on trigger? or
    -Peter M K with a photo of a rifle on his t-shirt?

  2. Larry Says:

    Alex Callahan is the Leader’s Office researcher with Ontario’s New Democrats. Related?

  3. Jen Says:

    Photos speak louder than words so why not put side by side a photo of Jack Layton with finger on trigger and Peter MK ‘s t-shirt photo.

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