Trudeau’s family friend Fidel Castro calls NATO “Nazi SS”


It is well-known how tight the murderous Communist dictator Fidel Castro has been with the Trudeau family including attending and embracing Justin Trudeau at his father’s funeral:

trudeau castro

And the creepy love-letter written by Alexandre Trudeau:

To celebrate communist dictator Fidel Castro’s 80th birthday, this past Sunday the Star newspaper printed a lengthy piece by Alexandre (Sacha) Trudeau, in which the young man lovingly describes the Cuban dictator as a benevolent disciplinarian father figure, calling him “something of a superman.” (see here)

So there is no excuse for the Ottawa Press Gallery not to ask Trudeau about this Castro statement:


Can’t wait.


20 Responses to “Trudeau’s family friend Fidel Castro calls NATO “Nazi SS””

  1. Liz J Says:

    If this, along with Justin telling an audience he admires the Commie Chinese regime, doesn’t give people some insight into the clan of Pierre Trudeau what will?
    What are the chances the Liberals have told Justin to keep his brother out of sight because of his communist leanings?

    • BC Blue Says:

      He was involved and then suddenly dropped off

      • Liz J Says:

        Would this not be fodder for the Conservatives to make use of?
        Also, the way Trudeau is presenting himself on some issues, like “just causes”, virtually blaming a democratic society for the atrocities perpetrated by the worst, sickest specimens of humanity makes it hard to distinguish him from the NDP and Communistic doctrine. Remember the NDP were all concerned about treatment of Taliban while accusing our/their own troops in the hell hole of Afghanistan of war crimes.

        What you see is not what you’ll get is my interpretation of Justin Trudeau across the board. He isn’t qualified to make decisions on foreign affairs or the economy so who will really be running the country if we end up with the disaster that will befall us if the media party are successful in getting him into Office?

        Listen people, listen well to what is going on around the world and ask who will keep us safe and secure as a country.

      • Harkov Says:

        Yeah, NO WAY that they let Sacah anywhere NEAR an election campaign LOL

  2. Centurion Says:

    That’s all I needed to drive me back to bed. It’s Tues, but it’s really Monday, if you know what I mean.

  3. Centurion Says:

    Election fodder for the CPC? No, no and no. As applied to the Junior and Liberals, it’s probably a positive, at least for the Toronto/Montreal crowd.

  4. Beachdude Says:

    I do not think that the media party will ask JT one question about the Ukraine or ISIS situations, on the other hand it will just give the public another example of the PM’s abilities.

  5. Sean M Says:

    So Justine’s Uncle Dictator has referred to NATO, which Canada is a part of, to Nazis… does Justine and his brother Sascha (creepy) agree with their Uncle? Good question… Seeing as the “progressive” leftists are all about deception, like labeling themselves “Liberals” for instance, and harbour a hatred for the west like the Jihadists, the question should be clear… who’s side are they on? Does little Justy and his brother Creepy agree with Uncle Fidel the “genius” or not? Maybe Justine should ask his Uncle Dictator why he feels we are all “Nazi’s”, what are the “root causes” for Uncle Fidels hatred of our society Justy?

  6. Steve o Says:

    There was an article a couple of months ago about Sasha T. It was very creepy and confirmed my beliefs that the Trudeau clan are communist supporters and believers just like their father was . Do not think for one minute this junior commie is not involved with the liberal party and working behind the scenes on Justin’s behalf. He (Justin) has displayed all we need to know about his beliefs and leanings…..Steve o

  7. Johnny Says:

    Why does the current government allow Canadians to travel to Cuba and spend over 2 billion dollars there? Why does the this current government still send foreign aid to Cuba. Why does this current government not honour the U.S. embargo against Cuba? Why does this current government conduct business trade with communist China a major violator of human rights? Why does this government tolerate the industrial espionage that China commits against us? Mr. Harper has had over 8 years to get his act together! Harper is really taking a left winged approach to Cuba and China. Or did any of you people even notice?? Probably not!

    • Centurion Says:

      Yeah, I noticed. I chide relatives about holidaying in a bloody dictatorship and feeding it.

    • paulsstuff Says:

      Apparently you have trouble differentiating between government policy that helps those living under repressive governments and political leaders who embrace dictators. Ever read the Sidewinder Report? Guess you missed Harper’s stance against China’s human rights attrocities where China was pissed for Harper calling them out? Do you have any grasp on the changes enacted under Harper in regards to Chinese companies taking over Canadian companies?

      Did you hear about the government scuttling the Potash takeover? Did you just miss recently the Harper government’s rebuke of China’s espionage attempt to hack government databanks? What about pulling out of Kyoto, thereby avoiding paying “penalties” in the billions to China, who in turn would have built more coal plants with the money. Need more? Let me know.

  8. Dana Says:

    Freedom of choice as to whether you travel to Cuba or not, I don’t and I won’t but as for foreign aid to Cuba that could be a leftover from papa Trudeau and as for China correct me if I’m
    wrong but I believe it was the Liberals under Jean Christeau(sorry for the spelling) that orginally started the process of giving away our jobs to them.
    Just think who Justins’s got in his backroom his communist brother, his muslim buddy who thinks Hamas isn’t terrorist,
    a Liberal leftover from Winnie the Pooh’s gov’t who had his fingers in the wind mill mess that we are now paying through the nose for, if this bunch gets in we might just as well throw in the towel.

    • Johnny Says:

      America is the greatest democracy in the world and a heck of a lot better than Canada in some respects. It’s not that Americans can’t go to Cuba, it’s that they can’t spend any American money earned in the U.S. in Cuba. If they do, they go to jail!
      I know that Americans who work in Canada for example, can use the money they earned here to travel to Cuba and that’s not an embargo violation. They still have the choice to go there but the government has the morale fortitude to say you can’t support their communists regime.

      As far as foreign aid from Canada to Cuba, Sun News did a nice story last year about how the current government is still sending monetary aid to the Castro bros. I agree that this is a left over Pierre Trudeau deal but I wonder how Mr. Harper could have possibly missed it? Harper talks such a tough talk against communism and yet he travels to China promoting Canada and allows state run Chinese corporations to set up shop in Canada! Not to mention the many Canadian businesses that currently operate in communists China! Yeah maybe Harper doesn’t realize the scope of the matter cause somebody never told him?

  9. Dana Says:

    As an after thought didn’t Sasha do some kind of documentary for Iran? Certainly makes you wonder??

    • Sean M Says:

      Yes, Sascha aka Creepy Trudeau did make a doc for Iran… accepted funding from the same regime to do so. God help us if these twats get anywhere near the PMO.

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