Globe columnist pushes complete lie “Harper isolated on NATO defence spending”


There is absolutely no way for the Globe and Mail to defend their top political columnist, Jeffery Simpson stating this:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper was heading into tomorrow’s NATO summit in Wales stubbornly isolated from other alliance members on defence spending targets until a last-minute change. (see here)

Notice that column was written for Wednesday Sept 3 yet here’s an article from the Globe’s Steven Chase posted the day before:

Fen Hampson, director of the Global Security and Politics program at the Centre for International Governance Innovation in Waterloo, Ont., said Canada was hardly the only notable NATO member balking at a pledge that would significantly boost military spending. Germany was also cool to the idea, he noted. (see here)

Simpson doesn’t read his own newspaper?





4 Responses to “Globe columnist pushes complete lie “Harper isolated on NATO defence spending””

  1. 1957chev Says:

    Like most Lefties, he only acknowledges the facts if they back up his story, otherwise, the facts are meaningless!

  2. Harkov Says:

    Simpson doesn’t read his own newspaper?

    Not when there are narratives to write and agendas to fulfill. Or he does and it doesn’t matter.

  3. Dave Says:

    The issue is the government talks big but does back it’s words with actions. I voted conservative to stop the liberal underfunding of the the CAF. After some noticeable improvements early on things are as bad now as when the liberals were in power and at least they were honest about it. We have a tiny armed forces compared to the rest of the G7 and it should be an embarrassment to my follow Conservatives. The PM should not sable rattle for NATO when we don’t field an effective military, it’s like he is saying go get them Mr Obama! The first responsibility of a federal government is the defence of Canada and this government is failing on that count. Dean tell me what could we do if Russia started slicing off pieces of the Canadian North? The answer is not a lot! All Conservatives should be up and arms about it because this government campaigned on increasing funding for the military. On one point Mr Simpson is seems to be right, Mr Harper like the idea of the military but not paying for it.

  4. Clary Says:

    I am constantly amazed this bozo still has a job at any newspaper.

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