Liberals demand hearings on Islamic radicals – CP reporter didn’t ask about Chretien freeing Ahmed Khadr?


From CP reporter Jim Bronskill:

The Liberal public safety critic wants MPs to urgently study the issue of Islamic radicals returning to Canada from foreign battlefields.

In a notice of motion tabled with the Commons public safety and national security committee, Wayne Easter seeks hearings on any threat to Canada posed by fighters involved with terrorist groups including the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, commonly known as ISIS.

The motion calls for testimony from Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney, intelligence officials, the RCMP and other parties concerned about the radicalization of Canadian youth. (see here)

The Liberals sure have a lot of nerve don’t they?

I put these questions to Bronskill:

Did he ask Easter about Liberal PM Jean Chretien getting Ahmed Khadr freed from jail? (see here)

Did he ask Easter about the Liberals who are sympathetic to murderer Omar Khadr? (see here)

Did he ask Easter about Liberal candidate Darshan Kang speaking at a pro-Hamas rally in Calgary? (see here)

Did he ask Easter about Trudeau campaigning at radical mosques where they promote the killing of Jews and Christians? (see here)


I’ll update if Bronskill responds.

Update: CBC’s Kady O’Malley runs a piece on this as well and also omits all the same questions (see here)


6 Responses to “Liberals demand hearings on Islamic radicals – CP reporter didn’t ask about Chretien freeing Ahmed Khadr?”

  1. Guffman Says:

    Once again, Canadian Press.
    Members in good standing of the Canadian Media Party.

  2. Bocanut Says:

    How many Senate seats does the Media party think are available to them if Bozo wins?

  3. Deryk Says:

    And, of course, the answer to all 4 questions is NO.

  4. Liz J Says:

    Well, they’re just Liberals being what they are, rat finks, jumping to the right, trying to muscle in before the Conservatives get their act together and do just that. There is a slight problem, one that Liberals or the media don’t mention, the Trudeau Charter prevents us from doing much of anything, they all have their rights and until they kill, main or blow up something here they go on their merry way. All of them and the NDP have bleeding hearts for Omar Khadr and family who the Liberals did nothing about all the while they were in power.

    If our PM and his Party better grasp the right and hold onto it, we’ve had enough half-assed Conservative policies. We need to go boldly forth as true Conservatives, take a page or two from people like Mark Stein and John Beck.

    We’re in for one dirty election and the outcome depends on people not sleepwalking through it, pay attention or we could be in a very bad situation economically, they’re against the Oil Sands and pipeline and are apparently vote seeking among people who are a danger to the entire free world.

    • Liz J Says:

      Correction, should read **Glenn** Beck. Our Conservative government and the US Obama administration could benefit from paying some heed to what Stein and Beck are saying…..

  5. Dana Says:

    Well if the Liberals are so concerned about radical muslims they better speak to their mighty leader cause he just visited another one of the mosques that support Hamas. SNN just reported that this particular mosque donated money through another charity to Hamas. Nice to know who Justin stands with…

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