NP columnist writes weed-biz millionaire and Liberal Party CFO has never met Trudeau – contradicts other media report

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What caught my eye in what is an obvious attempt by the National Post’s Joe O’Connor at down-playing how connected weed-millionaire Chuck Rifici is to the Liberal Party was this line:

Mr. Rifici knows the criticism. But, he says, he does not know Justin Trudeau. The closest he has ever come to having a one-on-one conversation with the Liberal leader is shaking his hand at this or that Liberal function, amid a cast of many. (see here) 

Which flies in the face of this piece from the Canadian Press that ran Sept 29, 2013:

Chuck Rifici of Tweed Inc. has applied for a licence to produce medical weed in an abandoned Hershey chocolate factory in hard-scrabble Smiths Falls, Ont.

Rifici, who is also a senior adviser to Trudeau, was cited in a Conservative cabinet minister’s news release Friday that said the Liberals plan to “push pot,” with no reference to Health Canada’s own encouragement of marijuana entrepreneurs. (see here)

I’ve asked O’Connor about this contradiction and even though he responded to another criticism:


Has refused answering me twice now.

Either the CP article was completely wrong or O’Connor is – both can’t be telling the truth, no?

Update: O’Connor is still refusing to respond but Rifici now has:






5 Responses to “NP columnist writes weed-biz millionaire and Liberal Party CFO has never met Trudeau – contradicts other media report”

  1. Sean M Says:

    Once again the Media Party rushing to the defense of Boy Turd and his radical handlers, the truth be damned. The Media Party have an imbecile to elect and they don’t care how they do it. The fact that O’Conner is a liar and refuses to answer questions regarding his PR campaign is typical of the fifth column attitude of the Media Party… they’ve got an imbecile to elect, and the first casualty of getting that imbecile elected is the truth… this Media Party advocacy for Boy Turd is going to get worse so it’s good that you’re trying to keep them honest Dean… good job.

  2. Liz J Says:

    Wonder how many more “advisers” to Boy Trudeau don’t know him, have never had a one on one conversation with him?

    Lying gets Liberals elected, they’ve perfected it, Ontario is an example and the media party is right on board, weaving a web so intricate people have not time to get the truth before it’s too late. The Federal Liberals are using the same recipe.

    Ontario is there for all to see, a looming economic disaster affecting the economy of the entire country, appears the Media Party Liberals and the Official Liberals want the same for the country. The NDP and Mulcair sitting as Official Opposition are seldom heard from, the silence is deafening, when will the Media Party have USE for them?

  3. Beachdude Says:

    I know that no one questioned the Liberals nor their leader about anything during the past year. Don’t they understand that the questions will be getting more difficult?

  4. Bubba Brown Says:

    The Liberals, their idiot leader, and the lying media, have as evidenced with ex general Leslie the “smooth mover’s” bozo eruption blaming Isreal for being attacked.
    Well their new tactic is to blame the Conservatives for being so bold as to ask a question.
    Junior runs past SNN reporters like his little pants are on fire, some leader.
    Third rate, third party, led by an elitiest trust child who just isn’t ready for prime time and never will be.
    If you haven’t figured things out by middle age you are certifiable, in my humble opinion.
    That the Maggoty Media continue to provide his precious little ass with cover is fracking disgraceful.
    JMO folks.

  5. Liz J Says:

    Apparently Trudeau either isn’t aware the particular mosque he visited recently donated money to a terrorist “organization”, or it just doesn’t matter when seeking votes. Also, it’s been pointed out he needs the Islamic vote to win Quebec so that trumps all.

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