National Post headline: “Stephen Harper, warmonger on the cheap”


The above screenshot is from the National Post website which accompanied today’s regurgitation that Chris Selley inexplicably gets paid for (see here).

Tell me why any Conservative supporter would pay for a National Post subscription.


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  1. Liz J Says:

    The NP is part of the Media Party, rabidly against Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party, those who support them shouldn’t be subscribing to it. We have enough with the CBC, we’re forced to pay for their blatant bias, at least with the printed rags we have a choice.

    The fact is, the Jackasses who are against this government and the PM are against the best we’ve had in memory running our country. They don’t deserve Harper, he’s many cuts above their Leftist cesspool. They need a wake-up call and they’ll get one with Trudeau, their choice and the worst choice, the worst prepared, the least fit to govern in our history.

  2. Liz J Says:

    Also,if he wants to talk about “war mongering on the cheap” does this NP scribe recall what Chretien did, sent when he sent troops to the Afghanistan, no debate in Parliament, without proper equipment, wrong cammo uniforms, no utensils to prepare their food, jeeps not fit for the job, the list goes on?
    If he wants to talk about warmongering would he prefer we not bother to fight the bastards at all? I’m sure the Islamists residing here are enjoying the drivel being written about our PM by these jerks. Do they have no pride of country at all to the point they can’t put down their political biases and join as one voice while we get this job done by doing our part?

    • Hans Says:

      Warmonger on the cheap?

      Yep, we’ll see how cheap it all is when Chris Selly signs up for basic training…another poseur scribe trying to tell us what to think.

      Dropped my “National Post” subscription about a decade ago, and wouldn’t be reactivating it soon in light of the drivel trotted out as ‘news’. Total codswallop from start to finish. With ‘headhackers’ for your daily ‘entertainment’ and recently the “Obama-Nation’s(tm)” reluctant dragged kicking and screaming announcement to eradicate ISIS our very own PMSH is a ‘totalwarmonger’…yeah, sure.

      Chris Selly is likely smoking something illegal or has been ‘tortured’ by Ms Bedford.

      Hans Rupprecht Commander in Chief
      Frankenstein Battalion
      Knecht Rupprecht Division
      Hans Corps
      1st Saint Nicolaas Army
      Army Group “True North”

  3. Lorna Draper (@Linkmeister53) Says:

    I dropped my subscription to the Post for this very reason-the National Disgrace is now on the level of the Toronto Star when it comes to Conservative bashing.

  4. Deryk Says:

    For anyone who doubted that NP hires idiots for editors, this headline should have removed all doubt.

  5. Centurion Says:

    Hey! I thought The Globe and Minion held second place. Rank them please. Remove the confusion.

  6. BJG Says:

    If you actually read what Selley wrote, you’ll find that he’s mocking L. McQuaig who wrote elsewhere that PMSH is cutting defense spending in a brilliant ploy to disguise his coming massive increases. Jump to the end of the article to save time. Read McQuaig’s piece in iPolitics if you want to see true derangement in print.
    I have an online subscription to NP because, occasional bozo eruptions aside, they maintain as close to a conservative viewpoint as you’re likely to find in Canada in the popular press.

  7. bertie Says:

    A few of the grocery stores i buy food at give away free NP & Toronto Star.Someone with deep pockets is keeping these rags afloat.If they have to give them away,maybe we should be going after the companies who place ADS in these (puke) papers.

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