Media Party crickets on Trudeau saying he wouldn’t strip dual-citizenship from terrorists


The first part of the Media Party’s plan (cone of silence) they use to shield Liberal leader Justin Trudeau is currently in affect:

REPORTER: Do you believe that Canadian citizens should be stripped of their citizenship if they go overseas to fight with terrorist organizations?

TRUDEAU: I think Canada has very strong rules and penalties around enforcing against acts of terrorism. I think what really concerns me is the creation of a two tier citizenship. The idea that some people, because of behaviour – however reprehensible – could have their citizenship removed, makes it conditional for anyone who gains Canadian citizenship without having been born here. That’s against the principles that has made Canada great – that a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian. (see here)

Part 2 of blaming Sun News for daring to ask Trudeau will be next.


22 Responses to “Media Party crickets on Trudeau saying he wouldn’t strip dual-citizenship from terrorists”

  1. Joseph Says:

    Isn’t “two tier citizenship” the same as dual?

  2. Liz J Says:

    More astounding ******* from lame brain being ignored by the Media Party because they know bloody well it’s ultra damaging to their agenda to get him elected.
    As for “punishing” any of the Canadians, born here or not is not possible, the Trudeau Charter and the SCC unelected Judges interpreting it ensures them protection, they are free to do as they damned well please and they know they’re protected. We need to gut the Charter and operate as we did before Trudeau got his Socialist Writ into law, a nation run by the rule of law where everyone is equal. Under the Charter some are more equal than others.

    • Hans Says:

      “True-Dope-ia” wants to ‘normalize’ treason, the nation state is to be abolished, anarchy here we come! This qualifies as a well thought out ‘bozo eruption’; and demonstrates he is clownishly unfit for office.

      In that case, offer all the ISIS enthusiasts free airfare to get them to their ISIS paradise destination as soon as possible. You wouldn’t want them to miss out on all the ‘festivities’.


      Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

      Frankenstein Battalion
      Knecht Rupprecht Division
      Hans Corps
      1st Saint Nicolaas Army
      Army Group “True North”

    • Sean M Says:

      Once again, thats Trustupids main concern, Daddys warped undemocratic Charter. Would the unaccountable Judges who rule over this land through the powers granted to them under the Trudeau Charter “allow” elected Governments to strip citizenship from terrorists… Well, from my observations of Judge rule the answer would be, NO. Unaccountable Trudopian Judges would rule that it is against the terrorists Trudeau Charter rights to strip them of citizenship, just as sure as Judges will reward Omar Khadr for his terrorist activities. Junior Idiot is a clown who for all practical purposes knows next to nothing about anything in this world, only what he’s told to think, but in the case of Daddys Charter Trusupid knows the terrorists would be protected by the Trudeau Charter and the unaccountable judges who “interpret” the damn thing. For Trudozo Jr, Daddys Charter trumps all common sense and reason so Trudumb Jr. will always stand on the side of the terrorists and so will Daddys warped Charter. Very disturbing.

  3. Harkov Says:

    Constitutionally speaking, can someone be stripped of citizenship?

    • BC Blue Says:

      No expert but where does it protect a dual-citizen?

      • Liz J Says:

        It doesn’t but in Justin’s fog it probably does, or it will be if he gets power. I may be wrong but if a person has dual citizenship here they can be deported, they have another country to go to, wouldn’t be a person without a country.
        I’d like to see some severe attention paid to all who are presently fighting with the murderous thugs and slap those who are duals with deportation and those who are “Canadian” only be charged with treason.

      • Harkov Says:

        Hmmm, pretty sticky. I’m not sure if it differentiates between single and dual citizenships. Maybe even as part of the duality Canadian citizenship cannot be taken away; I’m not sure. But someone who is looking to run the country should know, and not respond in such a cowardly, mealy-mouthed way.

        I do know this though – it is high passed time that we stop allowing dual citizenships in this country. And bring back the death penalty for crimes of high treason. Leaving your country to fight for it’s enemy against your former country should certainly qualify for the death penalty.

        • andycanuck Says:

          I seem to recall a few former Nazi death camp guards being stripped of their citizenship (in the ’70s?) to be shipped back to Germany for war crimes trials.

    • Marion V Says:

      I had mine stripped in 2003, after living here since 1946 full time, working over 50 years and contributing like every over citizen. So did my brother, a veteran of the Canadian Navy and a police force. We are still, 11 years later, without that citizenship along with thousands of others. our crime? being the children of a Canadian WWII soldier (Dad was a sergeant in the Royal Canadian Artillery) and his British War Bride. I don’t even remember England as I was an infant when we arrived. I still have Mom’s documents stating clearly that we would be given Canadian citizenship when we arrived at Pier 21. We were given no warning, charges or way to appeal.
      There is a chance we may get it back under the latest changes to the Legislation, but in 2009 when an estimated 750,000 got theirs back (for other ridiculous reasons), our group, Children of War Brides, was deemed not worthy of citizenship so I will believe it when I see it happen.
      So they’ve been stripping people for years, according to which Minister is in power with his personal beliefs and values about who should or should not have been given citizenship. The new legislation just codifies it.
      If we get it back, we will again be dual citizens due to birth in Britain so, with this new legislation, we will be second class citizens.
      Constitutionally? certainly not compliant with the Charter.
      I think that terrorists should be dealt with by the criminal justice system we already have in place because that is what they are, if found guilty – criminals. And those of us who had our citizenship for all the 12 stupid reasons are not, but we did not receive that right to a court process.

  4. tim Says:

    More facepalming eyepopping abject stupidity from a left winger. Quelle surprise!! Society is witnessing an ever-increasing need to remove these brain-defective people from positions of power. Sooner rather than later. They’re dangerous.

    • Liz J Says:

      Tim, if any real Canadian who cares about this country will not support Trudeau, he is dangerous because of his “just cause” thinking and lack of even the most general of knowledge about domestic and world issues.
      We already have some warning of the type of people he’s trolling among for votes and they do not represent anything this country was built on, in fact destroying or breaking it down might be more likely.
      Trudeau will spend a lot of time In his home province, his pushers figure if they grab the Quebec vote they’ve got the country. Maybe they should be reminded, Harper got his majority without Quebec. However, Ontario, the Maritimes, including NFLD will need to smarten up or they may find themselves far worse off as the Oil Sands and pipelines are shut down.

  5. Bubba Brown Says:

    This is even weirder than the usual “Bozo eruption”
    Would little Justin of Trudeau holding forth on the brave men and women that defended freedom in WWII ever pause to think that his father opted out ?
    Would a brave soul in Media remind him of that fact?
    Would the Media ever think to ask what exactly he thinks is askew with “time and space”??
    Indeed could he explain the current theory?
    As long as he is channeling Einstein here is a quote;
    “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” – Albert Einstein
    Allowing those who kill and torture innocents in the name of an ideology masquerading as a religion a safe haven is not a Canadian value or indeed the act of a Canadian, we are better than that.
    I have no problem with someone going and fighting for whatever it is they believe in, they just should not be allowed to come back.
    Justin seems to be doing a George Costanza “Opposite” thingy.
    Thing of it is George was funny, Justin in trying so hard to be somehow relevant is just embarassingly juvenile.
    Kyrie Eleison

  6. Dana Says:

    So Obama Jr. is at it again, perhaps the CPC should put an ad together of all his brain farts and play it during prime time CTV,
    Global and CBC just so the population gets a taste of what they are in for if (God forbid) he is elected in.

    • BC Blue Says:

      The Media Party have stated they will refuse to run any ads that include news clips etc

      • Liz J Says:

        So clever of them, that’s telling in itself. They know Trudeau unscripted is a disaster and there’s plenty of evidence on tape to sink him. Have to wonder why the Media Party have such disdain for their own country that they’d want such a profoundly unfit, inept, tool to have the top Government seat? This is a tactic you’d expect of a media in a Commie dictatorship, the facts are to be kept from the people, they are not informed.

        All is not lost, we have SNN and the internet, we’ll get the message out.

      • Dana Says:

        So does this mean they won’t play any negative ads including those against against the CPC and NDP
        because if they do is that not discrimination aimed at our two main political parties?

  7. Bubba Brown Says:

    Yes we will Liz J, the media enablers are the training wheels on Justins little clown car.
    I remember reading that the so called mainstream Media will not run any ads that use actual footage of Justins travelling road show.
    Justin was born on Christmas day, thinks he is Jesus.
    He is a stupid vacuous little fop , full stop.
    The NDP is finally realizing that the Liberals are their competition.

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