Ex-American diplomat: Pierre Trudeau wore German helmet during WW11


In a Toronto Sun op-ed, retired American diplomat David Jones ripped some of the media for manufacturing the NATO/Canada military spending conflict story as a way to attack PM Stephen Harper:

They have no interest in enhanced Canadian defence spending, only in implying Harper is being hypocritical by speaking loudly in international affairs while carrying a twig.

They never mention that alternative governments will neither speak above whispers, nor even carry a twig.

Also mentioning that the US would prefer a Conservative government:

Our media suggest Washington nudged Ottawa to do more (to match its rhetoric), but one is hard-pressed to confirm this.

Washington knows Ottawa’s limits and the Tory objective of presenting a balanced, indeed surplus, budget on which to campaign for the 2015 election.

Because Jones says the US know the Liberals don’t care about our military and then reminds people of exactly who is now running the Liberal Party:

Former Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau viewed defence spending with contempt, suggested early on by his driving a motorcycle around Montreal while wearing a German helmet during WWII. His son now leads the Liberal party. (see here)

This story about Trudeau wearing a German helmet is ‘well-known’ but I’m curious if anyone knows the last time it was mentioned in print?


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  1. Bubba Brown Says:

    Justin like Pierre views any Canadian not from Quebec with condesending contempt.
    Plomondons excellent book “The truth about Trudeau” reveals the
    “Pirouttes were not worth the price”.
    In Justins case the “Pretty is not worth the price” either
    As to when the Pickelhaube wearing Pierre on his motercycle was last mentioned?
    I have never seen it in a news paper.
    I would imagine it will be mentioned in print or on CBC/CTV at the same time as Juniors ravings are compared to the antics of an encephalitic chihauha when someone rings the doorbell.
    In Juniors case the trigger is a camera and an adoring audience of mouth breathing Liberals.JMO

  2. Liz J Says:

    Trudeau was running around wearing a German helmet in the safety of Canada at a time when young men his age and younger were over fighting Hitler and his Nazis. He was a true *******, smartass then and he never really changed his colors, something we see evident in his offspring who call Castro, “Uncle Fidel” and his son and would-be PM of Canada admire Communist China’s regime. He certainly showed no respect when he childishly and disrespectfully did a pirouette for the cameras behind the Queen’s back. Do we want any part of this doctrine running our country?

  3. Sean M Says:

    The media will try anything, no matter how dishonest, to try and get the son of a nazi sympathizer and former PM into the PMO… the fact that Jr Trudozo is an imbecile with the intellect of a sock puppet doesn’t matter to these maggots in the Media Party. Trudeau Sr was a coward and a snake, a tiny little man easily and effortlessly indoctrinated as a young man into hating everything Canada was and stood for. Those are the same deranged ideals the nazi sympathizing Trudeau Sr.passed down to his dough headed sons who see Canada in the warped distorted image that their Father imposed on the nation. The Canadian Media party care as much for defense spending as they do for Canada;s factual history or Canada’s first flag, the Red Ensign, which is to say, not at all. The fact the Media celebrate and champion an unfortunate PM like Trud Sr who did everything possible to destroy Canada is yet another example that “Turdomania” was and continues to be a mental disorder.

  4. Jen Says:

    David Frum: The disastrous legacy of Pierre Trudeau

    ‘1979. Trudeau had lost that year’s election. His career seemed finished. Reporters awaited in the driveway of 22 Sussex Drive as he stepped into his gull-winged vintage Mercedes to speed away into history.

    One shouted: “Mr. Prime Minister – any regrets?”

    Pierre Trudeau pondered. Perhaps he had planned, perhaps he remembered something that Richard Nixon had said after losing the California governor’s race in 1962. In an instant Pierre Trudeau revised Nixon’s words to his own very different purpose. “Yes,” he said. “I regret I won’t have you to kick around any more.”

    It’s long past time that Canadians in turn resolved: no longer to be posthumously kicked by this bad man and disastrous prime minister’.


    Now we all know why reporters are STILL- STILL AFRAID to speak against the liberals. The ghost of Pierre Trudeau roams the halls and minds of the reporters.

  5. Bubba Brown Says:

    I recall a reporter asking Pierre about Margret and the rolling stones.
    Trudeau said “a gentleman would not ask such a question, a gentleman certainly would not answer it”
    Refresh an old guys memory was it not their 6th anniversary Margret spent with the Stones ?

    • Beachdude Says:

      How about Maggie and Geraldo Rivera in a row boat in Central Park!!! As stated in Mr. Rivera’s book, “she gave a new meaning to head of state”, not a denial from her as far as I remember

  6. Bec Says:

    I know people who voted for TRUDEAU. Apparently THEY never saw this in PRINT as THEY fought in WW11. Had they known the truth about this horrible man, they would have changed history for the better.

    Has this been in print, anywhere or discussed in history lessons at any level? I’d say no and no as it’s an ‘inconvenient truth’.

    Those of us who were to young to vote but dismissed PET had instincts not information.
    40+ years of cover by the media and history books speaks volumes about THEM.

  7. Beachdude Says:

    I do remember my mother telling me about this when I was younger, it is disgraceful.

  8. Dana Says:

    Located a picture of Pierre T. where he ‘presented himself as both an fervent anti-semite and a pro-Nazi driving his motorcycle through Montreal’s Jewish neighborhoods wearing Nazi regalia and giving the inhabitants the one finger salute’, my father, who is an 88 year old veteran said he’s lucky someone didn’t shot him.

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