Where CP runs two blatantly unethical anti-Conservative stories on the same day


A couple weeks ago I got Canadian Press to address their reporter Michael MacDonald’s omission about his story’s source being a Liberal candidate (see here) so I’ll be looking forward to their response to these two stories from today.

The first is from Dean Beeby who writes on a petition from Lefty university academics whining about the CRA audit of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives:

One of the group’s organizers, economist Mario Seccareccia at the University of Ottawa, says the letter tapped into enormous frustration with the Conservative government’s hostility toward academic research. (see here)

Beeby omits mentioning Seccareccia is not without a conflict of interest on this:


The second is from Murray Brewster who uses a well-known anti-Conservative, Errol Mendes for his story’s source:

“What I think is starting to happen now is the realization that they can basically shut down any democratic debate to anything that could be embarrassing to the government,” said Errol Mendes, a constitutional expert at the University of Ottawa.

“That is the way an authoritarian government behaves. (see here)

Besides being a rabid Harper-hater, Brewster omits mentioning Mendes is a Liberal Party donor and was a Paul Martin adviser (see here)

mendes iggy

So, will CP correct or sweep under the carpet?


4 Responses to “Where CP runs two blatantly unethical anti-Conservative stories on the same day”

  1. Liz J Says:

    Tenured Uni Professors in Canada who like to get publicly involved in politics are always of the Liberal /Left. Can’t imagine they can resist spreading their views among the students. Mendes….forget it.

    The gall of a Liberal or Media Party trumpet to talk about shutting down debate on anything that would be embarrassing to the Government when they’re protecting their candidate by ignoring his gaffes which goes beyond debates, it’s hiding something the public has a right to know about a person who aspires/is being pushed to lead the country.

  2. Bubba Brown Says:

    Indeed when you figure the amount of energy and spin the Media Party are spendin’ slickin’ up Turd-oh it is just amazing.
    As for “shuting down any democratic debate” how about ignoring the stupendous stupidity that Junior pukes up every single day.
    We have a right to fair and balanced reporting, we are not getting that that is why we are all here.

  3. Liz J Says:

    Maybe we should be wondering just how many Liberals can be supporting such an embarrassment to lead their party let alone the country. If I were a Liberal I would not join the Media Party band wagon to support him or the party, he’s being used as a tool to attain power on name only, the man is in no way fit to lead a party let alone govern the country as Prime Minister. It’s more likely there are some puppeteers behind the curtain who have an agenda to push and know he’s a pushover to get it done, he’s clueless on his own.

    Can anyone imagine how they’ll prep him for international treks to meet world leaders? He’ll be a hit if he ever gets to address the UN to talk about root causes.

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