Calgary Herald reporter who ignored Hamas supporters chanting “Heil Hitler” at Jews runs ‘Muslim hate crime’ story

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Imagine the level of nerve it takes to witness pro-Hamas demonstrators yell Heil Hitler at Jews like Calgary Herald reporter Erika Stark (see here) and even after massive international pressure, still refused to admit it but then turn around and write a story on one of the biggest media whore’s un-witnessed account of being assaulted:

A prominent Calgary Imam was reportedly attacked by a woman while on his way to lead prayers in the city on Friday afternoon.

Imam Syed Soharwardy said he was walking from his car to the Genesis Centre in northeast Calgary when a car struck him from behind.

The woman who was driving the car got out and started shouting at him, calling him a terrorist and saying he was a threat to Canada. (see here)


Now imagine the newspaper that would continue to employ an unethical reporter like Stark.


13 Responses to “Calgary Herald reporter who ignored Hamas supporters chanting “Heil Hitler” at Jews runs ‘Muslim hate crime’ story”

  1. Bocanut Says:

    Calgary Herald has already apologized once for this junior journaloser’s tender sensibilities.,how long can they put up with her amatuerish slanted efforts?

  2. Liz J Says:

    Wonder if she would have bothered to report it had it been a Catholic Priest who was supposedly attacked by a woman?

  3. Deryk Says:

    The Media Party employs like-minded people. No surprise to me.

  4. Guffman Says:

    Thanks for reminding me of her name again. I’ll be sure to give anything she writes all the attention it deserves.

  5. Anne in swON Says:

    How very strange it is for Ms. Stark to claim Soharwardy was ‘struck’ by the car twice yet his own facebook page appears to refute this supposed fact.

  6. Dana Says:

    I recently heard a term that seems to fit the bill, its called
    “Trash Journalism”.

  7. andycanuck Says:

    I know that I always wait for the second time a car hits me and tries to run me over before I phone the cops too.

  8. Liz J Says:

    Trust has to be earned and to this point the Imams living in the West and leading those who attend the Mosques are not showing any revulsion for the atrocities being carried out in the name of Islam. I simply cannot trust any of them, none of us should until they join us in the fight against the brutality being carried out,the beheadings, cruelty beyond humanity, start treating women as equals in our world, start assimilating or leave.
    It’s very upsetting to find out another beheading is to take place by these sub human murderous bastards, called “militants” by the stupid media who are part of the problem, this time a British aid worker will be gurgling blood.
    What kind of human can do this to an innocent person? Why are we still sitting back and allowing it to continue?

    Call me an extremist, call me a bigot, I don’t want any more such people coming here and as many as possible deported, they do not deserve to live among us, they simply

  9. tim Says:

    Man, am I ever getting sick of progressives like Stark and their idiotic hypocrisy. I know I’m not alone either. The garbage they agitate for and advocate for is absolutely destructive to the very society that they themselves live in, along with the rest of us. What the he!! are they going to do when the $#!t hits the fan and they find themselves neck-deep in the crap they asked for? Will they all stand in a big group and cry about how it’s Not Their Fault, like everything else they screw up?

  10. Albertaguy Says:

    As a retired Calgary police officer I would love to see the police service do an investigation and see if Soharwardy was actually struck or he is making it up, looking for sympathy. I can see a public mischief charge here. I cannot see anyone not wanting to press charges after being struck not once but twice.If it was up to me I would drop the Herald in a heartbeat but my better half needs her morning fix.

  11. Sean M Says:

    Ms Stark is further proof that so called “Liberalism” is a mental disorder… a mental disorder that has clearly ravaged the politically correct brain of Stark like an untreated STD. This little girl is so intellectually challenged and PC deranged that if she or someone she knows was to be savaged by a mob of radical Islamists she would blame herself, or more likely, Canada. Starks is clearly a fool and a useful idiot, a willing sacrifice on the alter of political correctness, an agitator and advocate for the extremists in our midst, “journalism” is the perfect venue for someone so incapable of reasoned thought.

  12. Clary Says:

    A comment on the guys Facebook page sums up the intelligence of his followers quite nicely…

    “George Rutkay It’s Calgary, the red-neck boil on Canada’s backside. Enough said”

    Actually, not enough has been said George.

  13. Bubba Brown Says:

    “Calgary the red-neck boil on Canada’s backside”
    Now who are the red-necks here, the pathetic wanna -be journo with her Justin-goggles ( peace inclusion, tolerence )or the followers of the religion of peace?
    Certainly it’s not the hard working Albertans who generously share their wealth with the R.O.C..

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