Edmonton Journal columnist tweets her dismay that new Education Minister is Christian

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This from Edmonton Journal columnist Paula Simons is the perfect example of a journalist not being able to hold back their bias and bigotry as it’s so close to the surface:


Simons would say the same if he was a Muslim right?

Update: Simons’ Postmedia coworker Licia Corbella writes a column on this titled “Albertan’s anti-Christian bigotry is shocking” and even uses Simons’ tweet as part of the column but refuses to name her as the one who said it (see here).


11 Responses to “Edmonton Journal columnist tweets her dismay that new Education Minister is Christian”

  1. 1957chev Says:

    That woman should be fired from her job. Her bias is revolting….

  2. Liz J Says:

    So there’s something wrong with having a very Christian point of view in this Canada of ours?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Simons would complain about a sunny day if she thought a Christian had anything to do with it.

  4. Deryk Says:

    No surprise to me. Paula Simons has been a bigoted leftie for decades.

  5. Sean M Says:

    Well I’m sure this screeching bigot Simons is also mortified at the thought of Calgary having a Muslim mayor, right? What a horrid grotesque creature.

  6. Harkov Says:

    Substitute “Christian” for ANY demographic – gay, black, Muslim – and what would happen?Her arse would be on the unemployment line or in front of the HRC. But Christians? Tumbleweeds.

    Bias? What bias?

  7. Robbie Says:

    What part of a Christian POV does this loud mouthed bigot fear and feel so threatened by? More to the point, why is she allowed to spew forth her hatred and bigotry unchecked by her editors? It is time tor her and The Edmonton Journal publishers to read the Charter preamble and that pesky section about freedom of religion.

  8. frances10 Says:

    Let’s just be open about what Ms Simons is: a bigotted little Christianophobe and nasty with it.

  9. Scott M Says:

    Simons has always had it in for Christians, I don’t know what her problem is, but she’s always railing on about us. Last year she went apoplectic when she heard that they were teaching sexual abstinence in public schools, and it wasn’t really about the abstinence part, nope, she was all up in arms, all because the group behind the curriculum was Christian and they were from the states. The fact that the course didn’t mention God or Jesus didn’t matter to her; some Christians were behind it, thus it was church doctrine, case closed. We had a Jewish mayor in Edmonton for years that didn’t seem to bother Simons nor does the current Muslim mayor in Calgary; that’s all multi-cultural and cool. Most lefties like Simons don’t like Christians because we believe people are morally responsible for their actions, this doesn’t fit with the left’s “It’s everybody else’s fault but your own” narrative.

  10. Bubba Brown Says:

    I can understand her clutching her pearls, shocked and horrified, if it had been a Liberal.
    As for sexual abstinance ?
    Would be a win-win methinks.

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