Liberal MP says there’s goodness in ISIS terrorists who behead journos


Liberal MP Ted Hsu continued to confirm how soft a Trudeau government would be in dealing terrorism with this tweet:


Expect the same non-reaction from the Media Party to Hsu as they did with Trudeau’s comments on letting convicted terrorists keep their dual-citizenships (see here) and his star candidate Andrew Leslie calling Israel a war criminal (see here).


8 Responses to “Liberal MP says there’s goodness in ISIS terrorists who behead journos”

  1. Bocanut Says:

    Fairy dust and Unicorn farts are the bedrock of Liberal policy.

  2. Liz J Says:

    If people need any more proof the LPC is living in a zone far away from reality they aren’t listening, they’re block off from reality. Very scary indeed. Wonder if Ted Hsu watched the beheadings and saw the goodness? What a flaming idiot.

  3. E Mac Says:

    Bocanut: You are much to kind – they are asshats and worse.

  4. Bec Says:

    The “light and beauty”, the goodness and humanity was in the very special people who the barbarians beheaded.
    The murderous mentality of the isis terrorists IS NOT “potential” as these are NOT “people”. They are monsters and would not care a fig about this Liberal MP, his family or anyone that fulfilled their agenda.

    Perhaps this MP should travel on over to see if he can catch that rainbow or is he all talk and no action?

  5. Beachdude Says:

    This MP is not running in the next election but this his “tweet” will never be questioned my the media, he is a “friend” of theirs.

  6. Bubba Brown Says:

    The “light and beauty” the Liberals see is the potential votes that Quisling Liberal behavior will bring.
    Justin is now whining “islamaphobia” and asking the PM to provide him with a list of Mosques that are OK to visit.
    Hmm wants scientists to tell him if fracking is OK.
    Wants our PM a “grownup” to little Justin to tell him whats OK.
    I have to ask just why Justin chose Hadrain as a name for his child, goggle Hadrain and Discuss people

  7. Dana Says:

    So Ted Hsu sees light and beauty in the potential of every person, wonder if he’d say the same thing about Charles Manson. These people are butchers, evil, is evil, is evil….

  8. Cathy Bowslaugh Says:

    Do people not see this nutbar airhead for what he really is? A national security threat!

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