The Media Party do their best to bury Wayne Gretzky’s endorsement of Harper


Canada’s greatest sporting legend and probably the most recognizable public figure came out in support of PM Stephen Harper but you probably never even knew about it.

The perfect example of how the Media Party buried it is this example posted by the CBC titled “Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko will visit Canada next week” where this is added at the bottom of the small story:

Harper made the announcement at the United for Ukraine Gala Dinner hosted by the Canada Ukraine Foundation. Wayne Gretzky also spoke at the fundraising event in Toronto. (see here)

For more examples, check out this Google news source where you’ll notice Gretzky’s name is never mentioned in any of the headlines (see here).

The only news organization to let us know that Gretzky called Harper one of Canada’s greatest PMs was Sun News (see here).

But if some crazed washed-up, rock star like Neil Young criticizes Harper, the Media Party are somehow all over it – funny that huh?


23 Responses to “The Media Party do their best to bury Wayne Gretzky’s endorsement of Harper”

  1. Bocanut Says:

    Gretzky calling Harper “the Greatest PM” should make Progressive 1% journalosers heads explode (maybe they’re recovering?) and would be a great clip to play during next years election

  2. Liz J Says:

    The Media Party would prefer to highlight a visit by a washed up old has been like Neil Young because he speaks to their anti-Harper agenda, the man is a slobbering fool at this point. Gretzky comes with some class, arguably the best hockey player ever, gave us lots of thrills with his hockey skills. So, praising Harper, calling him the greatest PM we’ve ever had would have them reeling. I do know he’s the best PM in my lifetime, I feel safer with him in Office, the Liberals or the NDP would be another story, we’d be in danger of losing big time on all fronts. With Trudeau’s attitude and the same attitude displayed by his MP Ted Hsu on the murderous thugs who call themselves ISIS/ISIL is pretty concerning stuff.

    Even Lloyd Axeworthy, former Liberal, says we should step up the fight against them. Blow Bags like Ralphie Goodale better start looking inward, see what a monstrous mess the LPC are trying to foist upon this country.

    • Hans Says:

      Delighted to hear that Gretzky has endorsed Harper; it must give PMSH quiet satisfaction after having written his book on hockey! PMSH has been a straight arrow on the issue of Ukraine.

      As for ISIL/ISIS, they are essentially the modern version of SS Einsatzgruppen with a different justifying ideology. The correct method of dealing with them is simple eradication. If “True-Dope-ia” issues another ‘root cause’ appeal I may choke and expectorate violently.

      Here is a little ‘pick me up’ of a musical variety from a gal who hails from Kiev, Ukraine; who evokes from an old beaten piano, a veritable tower of musical virtuosity.


      Valentina Lisitsa plays Beethoven Appassionata At Saint Pancras Station, London.


      Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

      Frankenstein Battalion
      Knecht Rupprecht Division
      Hans Corps
      1st Saint Nicolaas Army
      Army Group “True North”

  3. Beachdude Says:

    Of course they will never mention this, if or when they do the attack line will be; “Well Gretzky doesn’t live here anyways”

    • Liz J Says:

      Neither does their friend, anti-Oil Sands Neil Young live here but he feels he has a right to interfere with the Canadian economy by dissing the Oil Sands. He should start a club. Hypocrites Unlimited and invite Al Gore and Suzuki to join, they’re all high consumers of everything they oppose for others.

  4. Liz J Says:

    This just in from Justin, he would stop pension income splitting for seniors. If that isn’t a killer what is? This needs to be repeated over and over, this has been something that has allowed many seniors to remain in their own homes. Now, let’s see if this gets reported by the Media Party.

  5. Bubba Brown Says:

    Income splitting for me and my wife is crucial taking it away is a big mistake for Junior Dum-Dum.
    We are seniors and we vote.
    I saw a Mcleans cover that was accusing us of being able to afford to pay more, concidence?
    We have worked in the North raised our kids paid taxes since we were teenagers.
    Combined over 80 years of paying taxes, still paying and Junior trust fund thinks we should pay more.

  6. Al in Cranbrook Says:

    Couple links, first Gretsky’s intro, and then PM Harper’s address…

  7. Bec Says:

    I Googled it as soon as I heard about it and there was nothing. I mentioned it to a few people and they had heard nothing.

    This is nothing short of disgusting, selective journalism and the people who defend Canadian journalists and claim it’s their job to criticize the sitting govt only, must also acknowledge that it’s our right to criticize and boycott them for the regular incompetence and immaturity they regularly demonstrate. This as a prime example. Pathetic.

  8. Liz J Says:

    Publishing events the PM of the country attends and addresses is part of any reporter’s job, it’s not their job to play politics but that’s what they’ve been doing since their beloved Liberals got flattened. Chretien and Martin always got good coverage. If Gretzky attended a Liberal function with the Pony Boy it would be splashed all over every news outlet from coast to coast and we know it. Gretzky is more apt to feel their wrath for praising PM Harper, calling him one of the best PM’s we’ve ever had and thanking him for keeping us safe.

    Selective reporting is the stock and trade of Communistic regimes that Trudeau admires and tin pot dictatorships, that’s what they’ve come to in Canada.

  9. burton Says:

    Listen, just a side note…but am I missing some context with respect to Kady O’Malley’s tweet. I don’t think she’s quoting someone. WTH!?! I mean, huh?

    • Liz J Says:

      I’m sure Trudeau and Ted Hsu will find good and light in the murderous thugs, that could keep the debate going for idiot O’malley.

      • Jen Says:

        Liz J, Kady O’ Malley and the rest of the media reporters better pray with every ounce of their being that the opposition parties NEVER SEE THE HELM OF THIS NATION. Tarek Fatah was on SNN today and brother did he ever give that white liberal host ‘a piece of his mind regarding to ignorance on terrorists’.

  10. Jen Says:

    Wayne G. must have figured out that all that hype and talk about him by the media was only a smoke screen because for the one thing he supports and praises the PM Harper for Ukraine IS NOT SEEN NOR HEARD on general corrupt media. Basically, Wayne is finally seeing the media for what they truly are.
    As Pierre Elliott Trudeau once called the media ‘PESKY FLIES’ and Justin left the building by the back door leaving the ‘ pesky flies’ to fly around looking for their beloved. SAD.

  11. Dana Says:

    Perhaps someone should ask if Wayne would like to run for the CPC, after all Justin isn’t the only one who can get star power.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    It gets even better. Kevin Soloman, while commenting on Rob Ford’s illness introduced his commentary by saying Rob Ford was the most polarizing figure in Canada, next to PM Steven Harper.

  13. 1957chev Says:

    Wayne Gretsky was always a true sportsman, and a gentleman. He couldn’t possibly endorse a left-wing socialist. PM Harper is the only Federal politician with any integrity.

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