Media Party lie that Trudeau learns his bad behaviour from Harper


Media Party members who finally do criticise Liberal leader Justin Trudeau usually add a caveat which partially excuses him by laying the blame on PM Stephen Harper as if Harper has set the bar for nastiness.

The latest pusher of this garbage meme comes from the National Post’s Kelly McParland:

The party’s reaction to questions about its abortion stance seems to have been lifted wholesale from the Stephen Harper approach to dealing with dissent: denounce, demean, dismiss. (see here)

It’s beyond lazy and very telling that somehow it’s Harper fault that Trudeau is a jackass.

I’ve asked McParland when was the last time Harper screamed out in the House that another MP was a piece of shit (see here) – will get back to you when he lets me know.



18 Responses to “Media Party lie that Trudeau learns his bad behaviour from Harper”

  1. Liz J Says:

    How perfect does a Prime Minister need to be and still not be God? Harper isn’t perfect but he’s the best leader in the G7. that’s just a well known,unchallenged beyond Canada’s opposition Liberals, NDP , Media Party and the Communistic Unionistas.
    PM Harper is a solid, no nonsense, capable leader when we really need one most given the global economy and terrorism that threatens us all in the West. With a weak leader in the US it’s even more critical we have a strong leader here.

    Justin Trudeau is a sad, juvenile, poseur , has zero qualifications for the top job the Liberals are trying to foist upon the country and their worst in our history. The entire Liberal party is looking like a collection of fools and jackasses who care nothing about the country and all about grabbing power. When it comes to blame, it’s a tactic of all Liberals who can’t face up to their own weakness and incompetence, Ontario is doing the same, blaming Harper for their economic mess.

    Justin Trudeau is a flake and the Liberals are using typical bully tactics, blaming others for their own sh*t.

  2. Vondock Says:

    Harper isn’t solely to blame for Trudeau being a jack ass. I’m pretty sure that a certain percentage of his jack assery comes from climate change.

  3. Bocanut Says:

    dissent: denounce, demean, dismiss
    Why does “nattering nabobs of negativity” come to mind?

  4. Bubba Brown Says:

    Poor Justin, having to bear the meany PM Harper, boo hoo,
    Buttercup just can’t handle questions, or people disagreeing with him.
    As far as “denounce, demean, dismiss” goes lil’ Justin needs to put on his “big boy” panties and admit that much more aptly describes his style of leadership.
    I am beginning to wonder if he has converted to the faith of the people he defends, deflects and sucks up on any and sall occasions.
    Open leadership?
    He runs like a yellow dog rather than answer an adult question.
    This is coming from an old, grey haired guy Justin who could still spank your privelaged little trust fund ass.

  5. Sean M Says:

    This kind of propaganda is to be expected… It’s all about protecting the idiot boy Turd… so when Juniors extremism and absolutism regarding abortion is questioned by other “Liberals”, it’s all Harpers fault. How exactly does Juniors bizarre intolerant policies have anything to do with “Harper” is anybodys guess, but the Media Party will find a way to blame PM Harper every time Junior stupid opens his mouth. It’s a very dishonest and determined tactic used by the Media, but their idiot candidate needs all the help he can get so if blaming “Harper” for Trudeaus intolerant mind droppings will help take the heat off Fidels nephew, than so be it. The media may scream, “Trudeau is an intolerant authoritarian imbecile, and Liberals are fighting among themselves”, but, it’s all “Harpers fault”… Junior may indeed be an arrogant, intolerant, imbecile, but according to the media, it’s all Harpers fault… how entirely predictable.

  6. Liz J Says:

    If we have that many either uniformed or just plain stunned who will vote for what Trudeau is saying…nothing of substance, a person who is emoting/putting on an act. Refusing to ask questions from any reporter with a tough question that’s important to the Canadian people if they work for Sun Media means he is being controlled by behind the puppet curtain and would not represent ALL Canadians as leader.

    We do not want a puppet/poseur running the country, top dog in a suit as front man for a cabal of faceless, unelected dumb asses like himself doesn’t cut it dealing with the serious and dangerous issues we have facing us today. Just causes can’t explain people who cut people’s heads off, they’re plain and simply evil, the worst of humankind.

  7. Jen Says:

    Justin, just like Obama, are ‘fronts covers’ of a book ( to ensnare more people into their trap), what’s behind or between the pages, is where the danger lies. These two front covers ‘THINK’ that they are running the show when in truth they both are controlled.
    Meanwhile, the ‘pesky flies media’ are swatted one by one.

  8. Liz J Says:

    This should make your day, best action by any Canadian government in a long time. Immigration Minister Chris Alexander has announced those who have left Canada to fight with terrorist groups will not get back into Canada, their passports will be invalidated. Betting here are more than people realize.

    Trudeau of Just Causes and Mulcair can deal with their disappointments, suck it up and tell the people of Canad why we would want people who play soccer with human heads back into the country to live on welfare.

  9. Jen Says:


    Canadian government begins invalidating passports of citizens who have left to join extremist groups

  10. Brad maynard Says:

    So is Kelly then saying that JT does not have a mind of his own? That he will cave or personify those closest to him? If that’s the case, what if the person he personifies is an *******? A communist? A green revolutionary? A warmonger? Shouldn’t this be yet more proof that boy wonder is not fit to lead since leading means having a mind of your own and the cahones to see it through? Thanks Kelly for the wonderful insight and warning about the lefts famed saviour.

  11. Liz J Says:

    Looking at SNN clips of Trudeau refusing to answer questions regarding revoking passports of terrorists , treating them with contempt by ignoring their legitimate questions, is something I’ve never seen done by any leader in this country. If he aspires to lead we need to know his views on such important matters, it’s beyond politics, our safety and security is extremely important to all people and as PM he must represent all people.

    He’s acting like a dictator who ignores the peons, only his inner circle, his Media Party cohorts deserve answers to questions that speak to their common agenda. He needs a good kick in the slats at election time, he’s not fit to govern, not up to the job or even close.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    What bothers me most about Jr. Trudeau is his close mindedness. I don’t believe bigot is too strong a word to describe his intolerance of anyone who holds an opinion at variance to his own. His unwillingness to acknowledge even the presence of a SNN reporter let alone ignore his very valid questions should send tremors of fear down any liberal democratic voters back. Oh and don’t get me started on his complete intolerance of anyone with pro-life leanings.

  13. Dana Says:

    Dear Justin,
    Let us know when you have matured enough to accept responsibity for your own actions and don’t require others to make excuses for you, after all the choices you (or your backroom playmates) make will have serious consequences.

  14. Bubba Brown Says:

    Well here is a “root cause”
    perhaps it is better when Junior decides………..

  15. Liz J Says:

    Trudeau has been fingered by the Liberal Party to be a front man for the party the Chretien and Martin feud screwed up. He has to be programed, managed by people who know about as much as he does, all the bigger brains flew the coop. One thing we cannot do is elect this mess to govern the country or we’re all screwed.

  16. Jen Says:

    Liz J, Trudeau may fire his senators without reason and treat his mps like imbeciles and the media as floor mats and so on but, never ever will Justin be able to control the extremists in this country. They ‘CONTROL’ him as we have seen Trudeau evade questions on ISIS and other extremists that are threatening the world and soon to be in Canada.
    Justin has made it very clear of a leader he wants to be and who he supports over the general public. NO AMOUNT OF REPORTERS CAN NOR DARE SPEAK AGAINST JUSTIN FOR CANADA/DIANS.
    Liberals ARE THE TERRORISTS BEST FRIENDS. They know that the media would do anything and everything in their power to promote LIBERALS and all that comes with it.

  17. 1957chev Says:

    Trudeau should be all grown up by now, and not have to copy others, to know what to do….

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