Liberal MP Dominic Leblanc chairing NB Liberal provincial election campaign

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There hasn’t been a peep out of the media asking Liberal leader Justin Trudeau why his MP Dominic Leblanc was allowed to chair a provincial election:

Liberal campaign co-chair Dominic LeBlanc called on Elections New Brunswick to get the count right because that’s what voters deserve. (see here)

Why is it acceptable for Leblanc to collect a paycheque as a federal politician yet spend his time working on a provincial campaign?


5 Responses to “Liberal MP Dominic Leblanc chairing NB Liberal provincial election campaign”

  1. Guffman Says:

    Because it’s become the new rule for the Media Party to allow their boy Justin and all his federal Liberals to do anything they want, and if they do anything even the least bit shady, daft, unethical, secretive, rude, hypocritical or outright illegal, the Media Party have a pact to stay dead silent on the issue.
    This has become blatantly obvious since the boy wonder took over and I would expect it will continue until election time.
    Thankfully Canadians still have one media source they can turn to for the truth – if they dare to listen, watch or read – Sun.

  2. Liz J Says:

    There’s something very smelly about this for sure. It’s not surprising though, the LPC were desperate to win this one as was their Media Party trumpets, this result they’re claiming is proof Harper is in trouble next election.

    How this ties in is unclear, it’s a provincial election, the people of New Brunswick don’t want to be self sufficient, they voted against a chance to become a “have” province and get off their arses and make a living by developing their resources. They’ve chosen to take money from the West which is earned from doing the very thing they’re opposed to, that’s the ultimate hypocrisy . It’s also another reason Equalization needs to be gutted, it just encourages this provinces to be less responsible. Freezing in the dark is too good for irresponsibly voting against prosperity, Liberals everywhere don’t see it that way, Ontario is another example, they’ve gone to the poor house with their Green energy.

    I don’t think the people of New Brunswick’s choice for premier was well thought out beyond the fact he’s Liberal, he doesn’t appear to be very smart but a good fit for the Federal Liberal leader, they’ll have some interesting chats I’m sure.

  3. bocanut Says:

    How Dominic can remain a Liberal after his party made a mockery of his father’s funeral to try and score a cheap political point is beyond comprehension.

  4. WTF Says:

    That’s a rhetorical question right?

  5. Liz J Says:

    The Conservative Government needs to start making changes to Equalization YESTERDAY to deal with provinces like Nova Scotia and New Brunswick and Quebec. They’re using the environmental excuse, they’re very high on the environment in their own back yards but are happy to take the dirty money from Alberta and Saskatchewan to keep the wolf from their doors.
    Their lack of scruples is astounding.

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