Columnist refers to Harper as a murderous dictator – time for Conservatives to boycott iPolitics


Nutbar Michael Harris was at his deranged best today:

Canada’s Generalissimo is at it again. Stephen Harper has put Canada into the fear gear once more (see here)

For those unaware, “Generalissimo” is a reference to Spanish dictator Francisco Franco.

And of course CBC/Globe/Abacus Data’s Bruce Anderson’s website National Newswatch is featuring this lunatic’s column:

bruce anderson


After the Press Gallery supported Trudeau’s boycott of Sun News over Ezra Levant’s segment (see here) they surely won’t say a word if their accredited member iPolitics gets banned by the Conservatives, right?


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  1. Guffman Says:

    The usual moonbat’s at it again. Den Tandt and Harris are acute HDS sufferers. According to a poll I heard on the news tonight, 71% of Ontarians back Harpers choice to get our military involved at this stage.
    Lefties are out of step again.

  2. andycanuck Says:

    I don’t understand. Just two weeks ago the same MSM were attacking PM Harper for wanting to fight a war on the cheap and letting our NATO (and SEATO) allies do all of the heavy-lifting but that can’t possibly be. I must be misremembering.

  3. antfrm Says:

    the despicable Michael Harris is one of the reasons we are in such political disarray in Canada today

    • bertie Says:

      I thought this idiot had retired.This guy has got to be the worst columnist in the history of Canada.He actually thinks he is still relevant.He is one of the Liberals who thinks he is somebody in his own mind.

  4. Sean M Says:

    I think its important to remember that the Jihadist savages and the Canadian left are on the same side, as in, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”… What other rational reason could there be for Leftist westerners desire to protect the barbarity and savagery of the ME death cult ISIS and heap their considerable hate and scorn on those that are attempting to stop the savagery. Deranged hate fueled leftists, Liberals, progressives, or whatever they’re calling themselves these days IMO feel an empathy and kinship with the murdering savages of ISIS. These people like Harris are truly hate filled and utterly deranged.

  5. Liz J Says:

    Harris had a soapbox when he had a talk show on CFRA Ottawa, he was at that time attracting more than a few Muslim callers, they seemed to like what he was saying. He was fired from the job, no reason was given publicly as far as I know but he was bitter.

    Harris has had an abnormal hatred for PM Harper since Harper was in favour of joining our traditional allies in Iraq when Chretien was PM. People like Harris are a danger to our security if they have a place to spew their wacko screed.

    When we have all the main networks and Leftist rags on the side of the terrorists by not wanting to fight them where they are before they set up shop here we are in danger. There can be no deals made with such monsters.

    Canadians need to pull together to fight this scourge every way we can, the politicians need to stop playing politics with this one, set aside their greed for power and do what’s best for the security of this country and the Western World.

    We need to start a movement against these media fools before they take more power by influencing enough people to give us a very dangerous, ill prepared oaf by the name of Justin Trudeau.

  6. Harkov Says:

    This is frigging unbelievable –

    Althia Raj ‏@althiaraj 20h20 hours ago
    Instead of briefings, Trudeau says Conservatives offering “overheated rhetoric”.

    Rick Roth ‏@RickARoth 20h20 hours ago
    . @althiaraj Last time we offered them a briefing, Mr. Trudeau passed it to the critic, and he hung up half way through.

    Althia Raj ‏@althiaraj
    .@RickARoth Can you elaborate pls? He hung up in middle of briefing call?

    Rick Roth ‏@RickARoth 20h19 hours ago
    @althiaraj ? indeed. When we announced advisors.

    Rick Roth ‏@RickARoth 20h19 hours ago
    @althiaraj The foreign affairs critic did.

    And then, of course, you can follow the rest of the conversation. Wait until you read the rest of it, LOL

  7. Beachdude Says:

    Watching Craig Oliver’s cheer leading of JT on CTV was just as sad…….I would like to ask the question, Is JT’s no to the combat motion due to method the PM informed him? That is what it sounded like to me

  8. Liz J Says:

    My blood pressure prevents me from watching CBC or CTV political programs. I thought poor ole Craig Oliver had retired, has he found his mind just in time to go to bat for the son of his old fishing buddy PET?

  9. CBC’s Bruce Anderson’s daughter turns out to be a top Trudeau insider | BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all... Says:

    […] Since then, Anderson has added a regular column at the Globe and Mail besides being a panellist on CBC, chairman of a polling company and part owner of a news aggregate which led me to confront him after his website promoted an insane column from Michael Harris (see here). […]

  10. Dana Says:

    Watched an interview that Craig Oliver did on Canada A.M.
    He even admitted he got pretty palsie with certain members
    after partying with them. Makes you wonder how you can possibily trust anything that they report on.

  11. James Walker Says:

    This guy’s writing is unbelievably hate filled, but also very childish. From the second paragraph:
    “According to the wizardly Frank Graves, hula-hoops are more hip than Harper”.

    What ???

    Harris’ CFRA show was actually hilarious to listen to him. Any time someone called up and disagreed with him, Harris would virtually burst out crying and hang up on the caller almost immediately.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Graves, who tried to get the election results over-turned in court

      • Liz J Says:

        The pollsters Graves and Anderson and their media buddies at Mother Corp are about as close to shysterism as it gets and an example of how dirty Liberal losers can get.

        Looking back over some of the worst antics ever in politcs, ie “Wafergate” and how long they carried on with it, they’re all a disgrace but it’s telling just how much Liberals wined and dined them, they’re still missing it.

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