Macleans runs sexist photo-shopped picture of Laureen Harper


To the Media Party, politicians’ spouses are only off-side if they are not Conservative. Case in point is the photo-shopped picture attached to what passes for humour at Macleans in another Harper-mocking ‘column’ by Paul Martin’s ex-speech writer Scott Feschuk (see here):


Besides the unflattering image used of Laureen Harper, tell me Macleans would run a story depicting Trudeau’s wife bringing dinner to him in such a subservient manner.

Macleans need to pull this immediately and apologize to the Harper family.


10 Responses to “Macleans runs sexist photo-shopped picture of Laureen Harper”

  1. Feminist Whirlwind Says:

    Thank you for your strong feminist critique. What Maclean’s did is disgusting.

  2. Joseph Says:

    Perhaps its time for some of the outspoken female MP’s to let them know their opinion on this? Hello Bennett? Fry? Sgro? Freeland? Anyone?

  3. antfrm Says:

    almost unbelievable that this would pass the editor – perhaps uber-sensitive justine should have a word with his buddies – media anti-harper bias knows no bounds

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Really sleazy stuff

  5. bocanut Says:

    This is strictly Media party payback for Ezra’s slut rant.
    They are poking the PM hoping he reacts like the lip quivering Bozo did.
    Bozo’s recent frat boy ramblings have embarrassed all but the hard core of his supporters.
    Will Macleans and Feschuk now apologize thinking they have evened the score?
    It’s a game no political party can win.

  6. Liz J Says:

    If they want insults… that Feschuk with failed leader Paul Martin? He looks like somebody’s aunt.

    Remember there’s nothing of substance in the Liberal party, all they’ve got is juvenile antics, it’s what they do best. Hopefully the voters come to their senses and realize what shambles the LPC is, weak from the leader on down through his advisers and the weasels who comprise his “brain trust”.

    Don’t expect an apology, it would be meaningless, they couldn’t begin to be a sorry, The only thing sorry is the sorry mess they’re in with a tool/poseur as a leader.

  7. Ofay Cat Says:

    Like the man said, she is a conservative and therefore no respect needs to be shown. This double standard must be ended …. Ezra did the right thing giving liberals a taste of their own bile … no apology should have been given. The truth was being told. Truth is to a liberal is like sunlight to a vampire.

  8. Mr. Bits Says:

    Does anyone still read this rag?

  9. Bec Says:

    It is a rag and this piece, is a piece but let’s just turn it back on them……

    Let’s imagine for a moment, as it is in many Conservative homes…the husband, in this case THE PM cooked the bird for the family Thanksgiving dinner. Like some Conservative wives, the lovely and talented Laureen was able to sit back and enjoy the family too. She goes and does her end of the meal and then re-enters the room.
    She’s not upset but she has just noticed that her hubby, being the nice guy he is, has invited a TURKEY for dinner.

    There you go, tables turned. 🙂

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