Ottawa Press Gallery member runs photo depicting Harper as Hitler

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The Media Party save their outrage when it comes to defending their political leaders from ridicule but when one of their own calls PM Stephen Harper a murderous dictator (see here) or posts a photo of him giving the ‘Nazi salute’, they look the other way:

baglow rabble

This is not the first time the fanatical Rabble website has portrayed Harper as the mass murderer Adolf Hitler:


It is far past time for the Conservatives to push back at the Parliamentary Press Gallery that accepts members (see here) like Rabble.

Also: See earlier post on how the Media Party hide that NDP MP Libby Davies’ wife runs rabble here


13 Responses to “Ottawa Press Gallery member runs photo depicting Harper as Hitler”

  1. Conservative Canuck (@Prue61) Says:

    Just curious, I take the LSM haven’t gone after the website for using the picture without permission, right????

  2. bocanut Says:

    Dr Dawg AKA John Baglow is just another Ultra-Progressive 1% hypocritical wanna -be journaloser

  3. Liz J Says:

    This is beyond the realm of freedom of speech, it’s slanderous, wanton disrespect for the Prime Minister of their own country and warrants a complete and absolute retraction spread across all the Canadian media. This cannot be ignored, they’re becoming crazed with hatred at a time when they can’t even put out the basic truths in their reporting when it doesn’t fit their rabid hate Stephen Harper.
    With all the terrible things going on in the ME with the Islamist murderous marauders under the name of ISIS/ISIL one would think they’d take a look at how fortunate we are to have the government we do, who are not spouting stupidity about “just causes” like their chosen one Justin Trudeau.

    There’s nothing that justifies beheading ,terrorizing and killing innocent people, the only root cause is within their own belief system from the stone age taken literally and acted upon in this the 21st century of our civilization.We do not take our Christian Bible literally and act upon it’s dictum like an “eye for an eye”, we’ve evolved.

    • Jen Says:

      Make no mistake Liz J, the ISIS/ISIL terrorists are fully aware of the liberals and NDP support for them rather than support for the innocent souls who are brutality murdered by ISIS. There is no way any media can save the liberals and ndp from their mess.
      You are either with the government to send troops to help innocents people or, you are with the terrorists. simple as that. Terrorists are not interested with the buts, if, or the maybe’s. They saw what we saw and that’s all is to that.

  4. Bubba Brown Says:

    Well said Liz J, I just watched Ezra shine his bright light on the cockroaches in Media.
    Collusion, conspiracy, cartel call it what you will it is no longer a theory,.
    The E-mails make it a fact.
    Juniors idiotic, juvenile responses and jokes about real life in the ME, the killings, beheadings are just too stupid to contemplate.
    The Maggoty Media want to supress the truth about Trudeau.
    Meanwhile Warren Kinsella shows he does get it, this is not a guy I generally agree with but, worth a read.
    This is about more than a attempt to elect a clueless zoolander PM it is the networks supressing the truth.
    It has been many years since I have allowed the CBC, CTV to pollute my personal space with their half baked crap.
    I now want the CBC defunded.
    Are you listening Conservative party.?

    • bocanut Says:

      Don’t forget that Kinsella will sue and/or censor anyone who he believes have belittled or even disagreed with his Progressive 1% vitriol..
      Kinsella talking about Democracy has to be taken with a truckload of salt

  5. antfrm Says:

    when visiting central Canada, am always astonished by the level of Harper hatred on display, but this over-the-top bilge must be responded to by the CPC. Am constantly assured that the left only need to hold the evil Harper to a minority next year, and then they merge, and take over. It is past time to fight back against this filth, and ruination of all that Harpers’ CPC good governance has brought us

    • Sandy S Says:

      I too am amazed at the bile spewed out by the frothing Harper Haters. They close their eyes to media suppressing freedom of speech/collusion and breaking the copyright law. ( see S.C. decision 1988) . We do have to fight back which means using blogs, comments and forums to get the message out.

  6. Jen Says:

    Since ethics and credibility is gone from the media; the only thing left is ‘money’ yep, money. Just remember Mansbridge and his reporters are paid by taxpayers that includes fromall ctv , g/m, T S reporters. So why should a million dollar Mansbridge paid for by reporters’ own pockets collude with them to save his ass from his own embarrassment, and not a dime to them for his dirty work.

    • Bubba Brown Says:

      “Million Dollar Mandsbridge” HooWaaaa!
      Pete’s mistake was to ask vacuous little Justin a serious question about the Boston Marathon terror bombers.
      Justin babbled some juvenile crud about “root causes” given the opportunity to show some maturity and leadership Justin soars like a frozen turkey dropped from a tall building.
      He dosen’t get.
      Never did.
      Never will.
      The regret on Mandsbridge’s face as he realizes this lisping little Turdo-la-doo is three sheets to the wind and as clueless as only a trust fund baby of a trust fund baby can be.
      Shoulda asked him who his fav dictator was Pete.
      This is from the Liberal Party folks another cardboard leader, turn him sideways he is invisable.

      • Liz J Says:

        The craziest thing of all, this juvenile, lisping front “man” for the LIberals is still topping the polls, even Nikki Nanos’ poll says so. If we have that many irresponsible voters in Canada maybe we better prepare for the worst, we may become a haven for ISIS/ISIL terrorists while this twit looks for root causes as to why they like to behead people, abuse women and children.

        T’aint funny McGee!

  7. Jen Says:

    How can one consider ‘Justin own gaffs’ and parties using them during campaign as ‘attack ads.
    Calling our PM, ‘war criminal’ Nazi, murderer, sulphur and dressing him in Nazi uniforms and so on is to me ATTACK ADS.

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