Trudeau thanks National Post editor Jonathan Kay for helping write his memoir


The National Post and its Comment Page Editor, Jonathan Kay have some serious explaining to do after Liberal leader Justin Trudeau officially acknowledged his help in writing his ‘memoir’:


This would be an extreme case of questionable journalistic ethics and blatant conflict of interest and the National Post/Postmedia and Kay need to come clean about what role he played in writing this for Trudeau – immediately.

Also: See earlier post on Trudeau outing Media Party members helping him here


24 Responses to “Trudeau thanks National Post editor Jonathan Kay for helping write his memoir”

  1. Bubba Brown Says:

    “I wish to thank all the little people who made my book possible”
    But hey, Justin is going to stop saying really, really stupid things.
    Not because he shouldn’t say really, really stupid things, but because them mean ‘ol Conservatives keep bringing them up.
    Nothing phony about the shiny pony, he be gettin’ disipline, Dude.
    Good Grief.

    • Guffman Says:

      Just noticed I posted a similar link to yours Bubba. Guess we both saw the hilarity in this vow of Trudeau’s.

      • Bubba Brown Says:

        Just means we are paying attention Guffman :<)
        Thing of it is, it is a good thing middle aged Justin says really stupid things.
        It can only be because he thinks? really, really stupid things, there is no other explanation.
        But of course what he is doing is not the problem, it is them mean partisan Conservatives pointing out that this guy has some serious problems.
        This Trudeau-la-doo booted a serious candidate over her husbands alleged wrongdoing, lawsuit pending.
        Won't accept a candidate that is not in lockstep with his thinking.
        Calling a Minister of the Crown a piece of shit in Parliment, course it was the Ministers fault for makin' Junior mad.
        With creaking old Chretain weighing in to rescue Justin can it get any more bizarre?
        The Media trying to put Humpety Trudeau back together again once every week or so is pathetic.

        • Liz J Says:

          Juvenile Trudeau’s joking around with “off the cuff” funnies s where his mind is, he lacks the capacity, the knowledge to talk about the serious business that is essential for the job the Liberals and the Media Party Consortium are trying to foist him into. We have a disaster in the making for this country and it’s no joking matter with the global fight against the evils of Islamic monsters which he doesn’t appear to take seriously.
          The killing of the Canadian soldier in his home province could well make Quebec voters wake up and take note of what an empty shell he is with his attitude about just causes. There are no just causes for terrorism and killing innocent people.

  2. Fat Tony, CD Says:

    The Media Consortium, is there anything it can’t do?

  3. Guffman Says:

    “This would be an extreme case of questionable journalistic ethics and blatant conflict of interest”… in other words, standard operating procedure for the Media Party.
    In other news today, I noticed young Justin has vowed to stop saying stupid things. LOL.

  4. Liz J Says:

    Nothing can be done about this, the Media Party Consortium are a force united, they answer to themselves, explanations not required.

    This helps to understand the depth of the desperation they have to get rid of the Harper Conservatives, break all the rules,ethics be-damned. It is a serious situation when the media gets enough power to manipulate the outcome of elections by hiding the facts, the truth about their chosen candidate.

    If Trudeau needs help, be it covering his butt when he misspeaks or makes a gaffe, they’re there to catch them and then ignore them.

    Sure hope the Conservatives have a plan, a different tactic to fight this gross interference with our democratic process.

  5. Dana Says:

    According to Ezra the Media Party Consortium may have broken the law,
    Sunday Sun ‘Media consortium takes on Tories”, and I quote ” Section 45
    of the Competition Act makes it illegal to cut deals with your competitors to
    “fix, maintain, control, prevent, lessen or eliminate the production or supply of the product’. Like T.V. ads.” If the Competition Bureau decides to investigate who knows what could happen.
    I would love to see this bunch of hyprocrites hit with a 25,000,000 fine.
    It’s time the general public saw what manipulators the MP are.

    • Sean M Says:

      I saw Ezra talking with a Professor from the UofT regarding this subject of essentially, Media collusion. The Media Party went as far as to actually sign a contract between each other for the primary purpose of protecting and shielding the Medias candidate Justine. If this kind of nefarious activity from the Media to manipulate a federal election isn’t criminal, its at least unethical and should be exposed, and it should be expose often. Shouldn’t Elections Canada also be involved in investigating the Media contract to manipulate the next election and give one candidate preferential treatment..?

  6. Scott M Says:

    The media in cahoots with JT…noway! As far as they’re concerned he’s already got the keys to 24. I’m placing my hope that enough of us “normal” Canadians will get out and vote and prevent this manchild from ever becoming the northern incarnation of Barry “hope and changey” O.

  7. Bubba Brown Says:

    The Media put this old guy in mind of the scene in the “Last Emperor of China” young Pu Yi’s chamber pot cover is lifted by his eunuch who then rolls around and sniffs his turd.
    “No more bean curd”! announces the eunoch.
    The media consortium would fight for this job.
    Could somebody do a voice-over?
    Would be better than the Hitler bunker scene.
    Now that would be funny :,)

  8. Sean M Says:

    Over the weekend the Media consortium had an all out PR campaign, clearly organized between each other for the primary purpose of promoting the Media’s candidate, Trudumb. The Media are not only colluding with each other to protect their candidate Trudumb from his own words and from the Conservatives, but they are also colluding to promote their empty headed candidate Trudumb. None of what the Media are doing here is ethical by any normal standard, but it’s quite possible that this Media collusion and manipulation is illegal.

  9. Mary HInes Says:

    I would think one of the lessons you would “learn” along the path of life – regardless of what you decide to do – is that you “have to show up for work”. Yesterday, he was again a “no show” in the House of Commons, instead he was running around the country promoting a book on hope and change. Hope and change for what… if he can’t do the job he is suppose to do right now, how could he possibly take on a bigger role in that particular field and be expected to do things bigger and better? Are we as Canadians expected to promote someone to a bigger job when they can’t do the “smaller job” in that particular field they are now working in?… He never shows up for work, he has the poorest record of attendance in the House of Commons, instead he runs around the country telling people, he had some knocks along the path of life, well, haven’t we all….. but that because he is “cute and pretty”… he deserves the biggest job in our Country. Come on people, all he tells us is that he has a different way of running our Country… well, the boys he has running his election are the very boys who ran Obama’s and they told the American people they would do the same, and we all know where they are now….. it is not a pretty sight!!….

  10. Liz J Says:

    The Media Party Consortium will be over the moon with two books to pass around and gift at Christmas, Justin’s get to know me and love me more bio and Michael Harris’ latest effort billed as a take down of Stephen Harper.

    They try to blame Harper for not being democratic while the Media Consortium and the Unions are the ones who are guilty of gross interference in our democratic process.

  11. Jen Says:

    All I know is that the media may protect Justin and his ilks instead of their own families against terrorism that Justin voted against to combat terrorism along side with NDP. These two parties have demonstrated in full view not only to Canada but to terrorists as well where and who they(libs and ndp) stand with.
    Apparently the murder of our soldier will be considered by Justin as a ‘ROOT CAUSE’

    • Liz J Says:

      Trudeau and his fans can look no further than his father’s Charter and multicultural polices for root causes, without these entities we would not have people coming here and living ghetto style, not integrating with Canadian society.
      Multiculturalism does not make a cohesive society. It’s a crazy quilt, a mosaic of people which leads to lack of trust and suspicion and secrecy which is now rearing it’s ugly head in the name of Islam, Islamic extremist indoctrination. I blame our multiculturalism and the Charter, they will be our eventual downfall if they are not gutted, done away with. We don’t need such documents in a democracy run by the rule of law.

  12. Bubba Brown Says:

    This old guy is waiting for the Media Consortium to ask Trudeau what he would do to keep Canadians safe from terriost attacks…………………………..
    It seems that this latest ISIS wannabe was living within 25 clicks of Trudeaus favorite Mosque, can we anticapate million dollar Mandsbridge doing a half hour special?
    Did this person go there?
    Maybe some pics of Justin in his little dish-dasha costume?
    My thoughts and condolances to the familys of the soldiers attacked by a coward, in Canada, in our streets.

  13. Dana Says:

    Well lets face it he wouldn’t want to offend any of his Muslim base that he’s been pandering to, would he and as for change, doesn’t that sound an awful lot like Obama in the 2008 election, perhaps J.T. plans on Canada tanking the same way the U.S. has in the last 6 years.

  14. Dana Says:

    My condolances also to our Military and the soldier’s family.

  15. Jen Says:

    WE MUST NOT COWER UNDER FEAR. This is our country CANADA and we will not SURRENDER to the ‘threat of Terror and Terrorism. If we show fear we matter as well surrender.

  16. fhl Says:

    YES who wrote the memoir.
    BUT who wrote his speech about the terrorist attack on the Hill

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  18. DW Says:

    Please do not lament Kay and the “Green Guy” as his advisers. We have no fear. Wait for the fed. campaign; the debates, campaign gaffes upon gaffes, etc. Then Trudeau the younger will expose himself as a man of little substance. The media elites directed by the socialist and the media party supporting Trudeau and all lefties have been dealt blow upon blow all over North America. its over for the left. The Libs will likely lose seat to the socialists in Quebec and in the rest of Canada were there any remaining. I can’t wait for the tougher questions he will be asked even by his media lovers who must ask him deeper questions than his favorite colour.

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