A fund for the Canadian victims of terrorism



A great cause:

On Monday, October 20th, Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent was killed in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu because he was a Canadian soldier.

On Wednesday, October 22nd, Corporal Nathan Cirillo was killed at the National War Memorial in Ottawa, because he was a Canadian soldier.

These two brave men died for our country just as surely as if they were in a battle overseas. They died because they were symbols of our freedom.

Let us remember their sacrifice through generosity and national spirit. Let’s raise funds for their families — especially for Cpl. Cirillo’s six-year-old boy.

Please give generously. All funds will be held in trust and divided equally between the two families.

You can donate online, or by cheque, to:

“Military Families in Trust”
c/o 351 Queen Street East
P.O. Box 82581 
Toronto, ON, M5A 1T2

These two men stood on guard for us. Let us help take care of their loved ones.

You can donate at this link here.


2 Responses to “A fund for the Canadian victims of terrorism”

  1. Liz J Says:

    It’s so painful and heart wrenching to see two beautiful people serving the country, representing all that’s good about Canada, be felled by scum who are not fit to breathe our air. It will strengthen the resolve of all true Canadians to go after these evil bastards wherever they are, no matter what we need to give up or do to clean them out and stop the flow of such people into the country. We owe this much to Nathan and Patrice who were victims of this scourge of evil now in our midst.

    “Home grown” is over used, some were born here, they chose to commit treasonous acts by converting to Islam, the head of the snake of this scourge of the times,being brain washed, sent for training to fight with the Islamic State called ISIS. There are Islamists here recruiting and radicalizing them and funding their travels, it’s their choice, citizenship is not for traitors, give them passports,let them go and refuse them reentry. We are at war, our Troops and planes are in the field fighting this scourge with our allies, this is beyond terrorism.

    As for the fool journalist we all know about from the National Post who thinks we “should get a grip”, I have to ask whose side is he on? How would he feel if his son of brother were among the ones felled by this evil rotten scum of humanity? How strong would his grip be? It sickens me to even look at such silly asses at a time like this.

    Rest in Peace dear soldiers, real Canadians are hurting.

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