MP Dean Del Mastro states Press Gallery member blackmailed Hill staffer for sex

del mastro

MP Dean Del Mastro posted this on his Facebook account:

I generally agree with Christie Blatchford but not today. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to come forward as a victim of sexual abuse or assault, particularly if the perpetrator is powerful or famous. Several years ago I was made aware of a young staffer on the hill who had been pressured for sexual favours by a hill reporter who had blackmail materials on her and her boss. After she continually rejected his demands he went ahead and publicly destroyed her in the press with the materials he had; he made it clear the only way to stop it was to sacrifice her dignity. To this day she refuses to come forward out of fear and because she feels it will only further harm her career. As a result, the perpetrator remains working in the press gallery even as many in Ottawa know what he has done (another former hill reporter tells a similar story but she’s afraid to come forward or to make a complaint as well). The bottom line is that tragically many women feel that they are better to keep sexual abuse and assault a secret, afraid of what might happen should they come forward. I agree that the courts do everything they can to protect victims of sexual abuse and assault but you cannot make the argument that because victims won’t file a formal complaint against a sexual predator with the police that the story of their abuse is suspect or false. I don’t know if Jian Gomeshi has done anything wrong or not, few people actually do. However the absence of a formal complaint against him with police is not evidence that abuse has not occurred, its only evidence that there is no formal complaint. CBC’s actions seem to point to a situation where concerns are warranted at the very least. (see here)

An obviously extremely serious allegation which if true will hopefully be backed up with someone coming forward with proof.

Update: Ex-aide to Minister Lisa Raitt, Jasmine MacDonnel denies this FB post has anything to do with her:

jasmine maher

For the background on MacDonnell and Maher, who was working for the Chronicle Herald at the time (see here)

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