Trudeau lied about Catholic chaplain Liberal candidate committing to being pro-abortion?


Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has painted himself along with his candidate Filomena Tassi into a political and moral corner with this statement:

“she has already agreed to vote in favour of a woman’s right to choose. That’s how she’s become a candidate.” (see here)

Problem for the Liberals is that Tassi also happens to be a Catholic chaplain at an Ontario high school (see here).

So, Tassi has either denounced her Catholic faith in order to try and get elected or is allowing Trudeau to lie about her being pro-abortion in order to try and get elected – her choice which one.

You can tell how cooked Trudeau is over this by the Media Party’s silence.


Liberal Senator calls sexual allegations against two Liberal MPs “nothing more than a smear”


Liberal leader Justin Trudeau is being publicly challenged by Liberal Senator Larry Campbell over his handling of the sexual misconduct allegations against MPs Massimo Pacetti and Scott Andrews:

 “As far as I’m concerned, right now we have nothing more than a smear here,” says the outspoken Senator to Carol Off in an interview. (see here)

Other Liberals starting to clue-in that they could be next in Trudeau’s kangaroo court?

38-year CBC journo Linden MacIntyre compares Jian Ghomeshi’s workplace behaviour to Peter Mansbridge


Recently retired CBC journalist Linden MacIntyre has set-off a huge internal bomb with this comment made during an interview with the Globe and Mail:

MacIntyre cited Mr. Ghomeshi’s “tantrums,” and said “he is allowed to bully and abuse people. You know, that’s the way it works, that’s what you put up with, whether it’s Mansbridge, [Peter] Gzowski, whatever. They were not like shrinking violets, either. So along comes Ghomeshi: ‘Oh, yea, he’s in the tradition of that.’ But somewhere along the way, it crosses a line. It does cross a line.” (see here)

MacIntyre is stating abusive behaviour towards staff is a tradition at the CBC and that Mansbridge does it as well.

Oh boy.

Update: CBC has now backed-down on banning MacIntyre for daring to talk about Mansbridge’s workplace behaviour:

CBC News editor-in-chief Jennifer McGuire said in an interview Thursday that Harwood did not consult with her before sending the memo and that it is not consistent with CBC’s editorial practices. (see here)

CBC’s Kady O’Malley states she is “sad” Trudeau’s popularity is dropping

maher o'malley stone

But the CBC is non-partisan and any reporter who admits to being “sad” that Trudeau’s popularity is dropping with NDP supporters would be fired, right?:


Also notice Trudeau retweeted this stunningly partisan statement by O’Malley.

The CBC must be challenged on this by the Conservatives.

h/t @hankers

Female Globe columnist says her editor groped her under skirt at office party


Columnist Leah McLaren refuses to name the editor who sexually assaulter her at a Globe and Mail office party:

When I was in my early twenties and a contract employee at The Globe, I went to a staff Christmas party hosted by my boss. I was standing in the crowded kitchen, chatting with a bunch of jolly, drink-flushed senior journalists, when I felt a hand slip up the back of my skirt and fondle my bottom. I moved away but the hand followed. At first I assumed it was my boyfriend, but then I realized it wasn’t and the blood drained from head. I turned around to face a colleague. He was swaying, obviously drunk, but managed to meet my eye. His face was utterly blank. Back in the office on Monday, it was as if nothing had happened. We never spoke of it.

And now because of the Ghomeshi sexual scandal, McLaren decided to finally confront him:

So I sent my former editor a message, reminding him of the incident and telling him how it had made me feel and why I’d kept quiet for as long as I had.

But forgave him because the guy said he was a walking black-out drunk back then:

He did not deny it or even contradict my version of events. He didn’t lash out or try to discredit me. He said that during that period 15 years ago he had been drinking heavily and had been prone to blackouts. He did not offer this up as an excuse but as an explanation for why he has no memory of the event. He said he felt terribly ashamed.

Which the Globe management now knows about:

Afterward, I spoke to The Globe and Mail’s HR department which was helpful. I didn’t make an official complaint because for me the matter was over. Once they’d spoken to the parties involved and were satisfied, the case was effectively closed. (see here)

I don’t remember the Globe being so forgiving of Rob Ford with his drug and alcohol addictions, do you?

Also: See earlier post where McLaren used her column space to personally attack Peter MacKay’s wife Nazanin Afshin-Jam here

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