Female Globe columnist says her editor groped her under skirt at office party


Columnist Leah McLaren refuses to name the editor who sexually assaulter her at a Globe and Mail office party:

When I was in my early twenties and a contract employee at The Globe, I went to a staff Christmas party hosted by my boss. I was standing in the crowded kitchen, chatting with a bunch of jolly, drink-flushed senior journalists, when I felt a hand slip up the back of my skirt and fondle my bottom. I moved away but the hand followed. At first I assumed it was my boyfriend, but then I realized it wasn’t and the blood drained from head. I turned around to face a colleague. He was swaying, obviously drunk, but managed to meet my eye. His face was utterly blank. Back in the office on Monday, it was as if nothing had happened. We never spoke of it.

And now because of the Ghomeshi sexual scandal, McLaren decided to finally confront him:

So I sent my former editor a message, reminding him of the incident and telling him how it had made me feel and why I’d kept quiet for as long as I had.

But forgave him because the guy said he was a walking black-out drunk back then:

He did not deny it or even contradict my version of events. He didn’t lash out or try to discredit me. He said that during that period 15 years ago he had been drinking heavily and had been prone to blackouts. He did not offer this up as an excuse but as an explanation for why he has no memory of the event. He said he felt terribly ashamed.

Which the Globe management now knows about:

Afterward, I spoke to The Globe and Mail’s HR department which was helpful. I didn’t make an official complaint because for me the matter was over. Once they’d spoken to the parties involved and were satisfied, the case was effectively closed. (see here)

I don’t remember the Globe being so forgiving of Rob Ford with his drug and alcohol addictions, do you?

Also: See earlier post where McLaren used her column space to personally attack Peter MacKay’s wife Nazanin Afshin-Jam here


11 Responses to “Female Globe columnist says her editor groped her under skirt at office party”

  1. bocanut Says:

    Leah McLaren-Progressive 1% hypocritical band wagon jumpin’ journaloser.

  2. Liz J Says:

    Seems like there are a lo no-name sexual assaults. If a guy, drunk or sober put his hand up my skirt his face would be well reddened by the palm of my hand.

    • Brenda Says:

      When I was a young secretary (a long time ago) an older man (Manager) grabbed my behind. I was so insulted, I turned around and without looking at who it was, slapped him so hard on the face he staggered to one side. He was absolutely so surprised. I was fired shortly after. I never have felt sorry for that episode and never would put up with any assault. I wonder why women would put up with any assault in 2014 as it is easier now to handle the situation.

  3. Bill Says:

    Rob Ford’s big crime was lying and denying about drug use alcoholism. Had Ford told the truth earlier than he did the media might have been easier on him than it was, so many of them being the fellow boozers that they are.

  4. Bubba Brown Says:

    Just a thought are the MM trying to water down the greasy Homeshi toxic koolaid?
    I mean all of a sudden everybody has a grope me story.
    Where or where is the “I don’t care bear guy” anyway?
    Her sure has dissapeared, he was origionaly from I ran was he not?

    • Liz J Says:

      Bubba, I think he was born in merry olde England to Iranian parents. Whatever, he’s sure got no respect for women, here’s hoping they all come forward and lay enough charges to keep him occupied for a long time. If this happens he’s done, who would ever employ him?

      Greasy and sleazy is the recipe to slip out of sight when the going gets tough, the media isn’t interested enough to hound his every move like they did with Rob Ford. Greasy is one of their own, he’s a fallen star they don’t want to catch. Mr G is finding out his case for suing the CBC or anyone else is weakening as the people he allegedly sexually abused/assaulted come forward. Getting fired by the CBC in itself is telling.

  5. Stan Says:

    We need a national conversation regarding the rape culture in the media.

  6. Bettie Says:

    I’m sick of hearing about Ghomeshi and what all the ‘wise’ media people are coming up with. I’m also sick of seeing his picture.

    This is totally off topic, but I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere, so thought I would bring it up. Our PM has surpassed PM Borden by two days to be in 7th place of Canadian prime minister’s time in office. In five days, he will surpass Brian Mulroney to be 6th longest time in office. Pretty good, I would say!

  7. BubbaBrown Says:

    What Betty and Liz J said, :<)
    We do need a National conversation, about the CBC and it's twisted culture.
    We have the best PM and most responsible Government in my lifetime.
    If you only watched CBC, you would not agree with that fact.
    The moves to broaden our trade alliances, and our dollar and move away from the tottering corpse that is the USA under it's present leadership.
    That Mr Greasy could use young women like kleenix and be supported by CBC management all the while is just the scab on the CBC boil.
    Reducing their funding until their "Once Upon a Time" broadcasting model has to work for a living again.
    We have come far as a movement and have much further to go. JMO

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