38-year CBC journo Linden MacIntyre compares Jian Ghomeshi’s workplace behaviour to Peter Mansbridge


Recently retired CBC journalist Linden MacIntyre has set-off a huge internal bomb with this comment made during an interview with the Globe and Mail:

MacIntyre cited Mr. Ghomeshi’s “tantrums,” and said “he is allowed to bully and abuse people. You know, that’s the way it works, that’s what you put up with, whether it’s Mansbridge, [Peter] Gzowski, whatever. They were not like shrinking violets, either. So along comes Ghomeshi: ‘Oh, yea, he’s in the tradition of that.’ But somewhere along the way, it crosses a line. It does cross a line.” (see here)

MacIntyre is stating abusive behaviour towards staff is a tradition at the CBC and that Mansbridge does it as well.

Oh boy.

Update: CBC has now backed-down on banning MacIntyre for daring to talk about Mansbridge’s workplace behaviour:

CBC News editor-in-chief Jennifer McGuire said in an interview Thursday that Harwood did not consult with her before sending the memo and that it is not consistent with CBC’s editorial practices. (see here)

3 Responses to “38-year CBC journo Linden MacIntyre compares Jian Ghomeshi’s workplace behaviour to Peter Mansbridge”

  1. Jen Says:

    The control CBC has over its people is very much the same as Putin or Fidel Castro and as far as N Korea govs have over their media reporters.
    Once you walk into the fort of CBC-you become their property; you are dictated how to think breathe and write. Your views are not of your own. Thousands of people work at CBC yet all have the same outlook, views and stories, you might as well have a robot doing the job.
    in truth Dean, you and jj and other reporters have more freedom to write, or say what you know than Evan Solomon or the others at CBC ever will..

  2. Saurette Says:

    “The Fifth Estate” has tackled some good stories, but they have also refused to touch, let alone investigate, dozens of others. Some insiders in media have tried, but the recommendations of the CBC’s own researchers get shot down by management. Linden MacIntyre has not guiltless either, although he has usually been unfailingly polite. The dysfunctional state of Canada today can no longer be covered up – medicine, science, education, transportation, corporate corruption domestically and internationally. The CBC could start by looking in the mirror, as it has lost its credentials as a voice for freedom of the press in the eyes of many. Multiculturalism is not the only story in town, guys, and if you can’t spell or pronounce the name of a broadcaster, that in itself does not give him or her credibility. Appearances over substance are no longer fooling anybody, after Ghomeshi. I notice his replacement shares the same mysterious nomenclature idiosyncracy. Enough already.

  3. Liz J Says:

    There are two exceptions to the CBC’s control over it’s employees, Don Cherry and Rex Murphy.

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