Liberal Senator calls sexual allegations against two Liberal MPs “nothing more than a smear”


Liberal leader Justin Trudeau is being publicly challenged by Liberal Senator Larry Campbell over his handling of the sexual misconduct allegations against MPs Massimo Pacetti and Scott Andrews:

 “As far as I’m concerned, right now we have nothing more than a smear here,” says the outspoken Senator to Carol Off in an interview. (see here)

Other Liberals starting to clue-in that they could be next in Trudeau’s kangaroo court?


13 Responses to “Liberal Senator calls sexual allegations against two Liberal MPs “nothing more than a smear””

  1. bocanut Says:

    Bozo’s Napoleanic complex is beginning to show

  2. Jen Says:

    Did not liberal senator get the boot from his master Justin Trudeau and that no liberal senator is wanted in the liberal caucus. So how can a fired senator give orders to his boss.
    Dictator Justin Trudeau threw all the liberal senators under the bus and relegated them to the title ‘ Ind’

  3. Jen Says:

    Liberal campaign in Guelph fined for robocalls violation

    MP Frank Valeriote’s team sent automated phone messages to voters without identifying source

  4. Jen Says:

    Just for thought . had Sona the presence of mind a fews before the court trial to change from CPC to liberal or ndp, he would have avoided the court case.

    “hey judge, I know you have to be a liberal to escape penalties so for now I am a liberal-see ya”
    the liberals and the ndp violated election laws and have yet see jail time.

  5. Liz J Says:

    Could Trudeau or more likely Trudeau’s handler’s decision to oust the two accused MP’s have been to further bolster Trudeau’s appeal with the women voters who are all apparently agog over the boy?

    It’s passing strange the NDP women who filed the complaint did not want those they accused to be penalized or have it made public. What does that say? Would the accused MP’s not be wanting to sue for defamation of character? Is Trudeau immune to being responsible for wrongful dismissal, dismissal without evidence of wrongdoing? He has also forbidden these MP’s to run for the party next election, their political careers are over, their reputations are shattered and who knows the damage to their personal lives. What was the motivation of the accusers if they didn’t want this to be made public?

  6. Rufusrastasjohnsonbrown Says:

    Justin seems to be a wee bit dictatorial, just like the guy the liberals are trying to copycat down south,but not quite as sharp or up to speed as the Obama.In fact the liberals and the media party seem to be spending their time ignoring,spinning,or hiding their star player.

  7. Jen Says:

    It will become a gruelling job for the media to keep Justin in cotton wool protected from the prying eyes and ears of Canadians. This could have happened thirty years but now that we are filled with every high powering communicating technology like Twitter, blogs, and what else out there. we really don’t need the media anymore to tell us what’s happening. Frankly speaking, I go outside of Canada’s media forum to read positive news of our country and of our gov. Our media hate Canada but love the Liberals.
    Just as Obama is used by selective people and media to do their bidding at any cost; so has it been occurring with Justin.

  8. Liz J Says:

    The Liberal Senators disowned by Trudeau and his Puppeteers can freely speak out on any issue they disagree with coming from the Liberal Puppet Show and they just might do more of it , unlike the LPC, they’ve got nothing to lose.

    Things should get interesting as electioneering starts, the Liberals will not be able to hide their boy, keep his foot out of his mouth. One thing with politics, you can’t hide and run , or, you can run but you can’t hide, the Liberals have a problem, they chose it and they can keep it. Leading the country at this time is not amateur hour with a pig in a poke scenario, a poseur as leader.

  9. Frances Says:

    Let the women remain anonymous, but do say what they have accused the Liberal MPs of doing. It may be nothing. After all, an NDP MP (female) cried ‘sexual harrassment’ when a male Conservative called her ‘immature’. Given the number of Quebecoise MP’s, perhaps it’s a linguistic thing.

  10. Liz J Says:

    Since Trudeau has booted the two MP’s and they are not being allowed to run again are they still representing the Liberal Party in their ridings? If they’re not fit to sit and represent their people in the HOC should they not be considered fired and set the stage for by-elections ?

  11. Jen Says:

    Yeah Suzuki ” how much do you know of Palm oil? He has a tendency to think he knows every thing when in truth he knows nothing except what he can do to flourish his own personal use at the cost of our daily life. as long as it does not jeopardizes his wealth.

  12. fhl Says:

    MSM gung ho on military
    Canadian Government is very clear

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