Names revealed of female NDP MPs who alleged sexual assaults by male Liberal MPs

pacetti andrews

The Black Rod blog not only reveals who the NDP MPs are who came forward (kinda) saying that two Liberal MPs sexually assaulted them but also lays out how it all went down and possible political motives behind the allegations (see here).

A terrific read.


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  1. Liz J Says:

    This is getting down and dirty political style, amoral and trashy as it gets. Real fit for the National Enquirer as I read John Robson’s column in the Sun today . The accuser revealed when she ended up in his room she “froze” “too badly to say no and he did sex that hurt for days afterward”. I’d say none of them are fit to sit in the HOC, they deserve each other.

  2. dddddancetotheradio Says:

    The Black Rod is an excellent blog.
    I wish he took comments so I could tell him.

  3. Liz J Says:

    Since the NDP are high on women’s lib and women’s equality why are they laying all the blame on the male Liberal MP’s?
    They’re adults, they were all allegedly boozing it up and had their brains shifted to the wrong end so why has Mulcair not booted out the female accusers? If he ignores this can we assume this has a political component to it?

    Going to the hotel room in the wee hours of the morning and offering up a condom doesn’t sound like assault, unless it was mutual assault.

    Does anyone know if we got the hot details in the Diefenbaker era with the Gerda Munsinger Affair?

    All in all a very scummy affair…no shame left in the world sadly anything goes. Perhaps it’s long past time we strike the word “Honourable” when referring to Members of Parliament,

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