CBC runs sexist headline: “Peter MacKay’s women troubles”

Kady O'Malley

Instead of chastising NDP leader Thomas Mulcair for using the 25th anniversary of the Montreal massacre at Ecole Polytechnic to attack Minister Peter MacKay, CBC’s Kady O’Malley goes after MacKay instead while running this as a headline (see here):


The CBC wouldn’t dare run a headline saying a female NDP MP was having “men troubles” but doesn’t think twice about doing it to a male Conservative MP.

The CBC should immediately remove it and O’Malley be forced to issue a public apology to MacKay.


5 Responses to “CBC runs sexist headline: “Peter MacKay’s women troubles””

  1. Guffman Says:

    O’Malley is truly the ultimate Twit.

  2. bocanut Says:

    Does anyone take K the twit seriously?
    Her CBC job is to retweet approved and vetted anti Conservative propaganda,when she inserts comments she consistently inserts her foot in her mouth.

  3. Jen Says:

    CBC is imploding within and Kady is grasping for straws to write

    I wonder if Kady has ever encountered Peter’s own wife an Iranian and A WOMAN and who has more knowledge and intelligence than Kady can muster.

  4. Liz J Says:

    Why not a headline “Trudeau having men MP troubles” or “Mulcair having women MP troubles”?
    Frankly, as horrific as it was, I’m sick of the tragedy at Ecole polytechnic being used as a battering ram by the Left at every opportunity. Time to put a lid on it and stop using the murderous rampage of hate against women by an Islamic extremist using an assumed French Canadian name.
    Shame on them all.
    Kadeee O isn’t worth the time of day, another useless tool in or employ, another reason to sell off the CBC.

  5. Fay Says:

    Kadeee O is a prime example of why the CBC is a failure. Is she the leader of the mean girls?? Time to sell the CBC!

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