Ghomeshi repeatedly booked guests his lawyer and agent represented – CBC management knew

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Criminally charged Jian Ghomeshi not only used his CBC radio program Q to collect young women so he could groom them to allegedly abuse and attack, he also used this publicly-owned program to line the pockets of people he had business relationships with:

As Ghomeshi gushed about her performances for his Canadian and American audience, entertainment lawyer Chris Taylor, who manages Ortega, watched from the other side of a glass panel in the CBC control room where Q is produced. Jack Ross, a powerful Toronto agent who also represents Ortega, was not there that day but, like Taylor, he was the beneficiary of Ghomeshi’s skilful promotion of a client.

What Ghomeshi did not share with his listeners was the fact that he, too, was a client of agent Jack Ross and lawyer Chris Taylor.

This pattern was replicated many times over the seven years Ghomeshi hosted Q, according to a Star review of Q shows and the client lists of Taylor and Ross

And the CBC knew and allowed Ghomeshi to do it:

CBC spokesman Chuck Thompson said the national broadcaster knew that Ghomeshi was represented by Taylor and Ross, and that those men’s clients often appeared on Q. Thompson said it was not a problem because “Q is an entertainment program and it’s not bound by the same standards and practices we have in place with our news and current affairs programs.”

“Some people (at CBC) were aware of Jian’s representation by Chris Taylor and Jack Ross. It’s a small industry and both Chris and Jack represent a lot of Canadian talent, some of whom have been featured on Q along with many other artists who weren’t represented by either Taylor or Ross,” the CBC’s Thompson told the Star (see here)

How many others at the CBC are making side-money from working there while skirting conflict of interest rules designed not to catch them?

And once again, where the hell is the minister in charge of the CBC, Shelly Glover?



10 Responses to “Ghomeshi repeatedly booked guests his lawyer and agent represented – CBC management knew”

  1. Deryk Says:

    Is no one putting these questions to Minister Shelly Glover? One would think that a Conservative government would jump at the opportunity to thoroughly investigate the Ghomeshi affair and its entanglents with CBC too brass.

  2. Liz J Says:

    Glover does seem to be shy on this one, seems the CBC is a sacred cow with the Conservatives as well. It may be something to do with the case being before the courts being used as a cop out.

    • Guffman Says:

      Why the CBC would be a sacred cow with the Conservatives would surely be a head scratcher. The CBC has done nothing but blatantly deride and persecute this Government on their network since Harper came to power, and used every dirty trick possible to help facilitate having the Party removed from power, and they continue to this day.
      The CBC is one over-bloated cow that can’t be slaughtered soon enough.

  3. Guffman Says:

    What a nice little business Ghomeshi and his agent and lawyer had, and all funded by us, the taxpayers of course.
    And interesting that because ‘Q’ was an “entertainment” program, that it didn’t have to conform to the same CBC standards and practices as other news and current affairs programs… I’d like to know what ‘standards’ they’re referring to as I wasn’t aware of any… certainly none regarding honesty, transparency, conflict of interest, and fair and balanced reporting.

  4. bocanut Says:

    Hi Dean,
    Did you receive my comment? if not then I’ll repost .

  5. Harkov Says:

    I happened to be on Parliament Hill last night for the opening of the Christmas lights and Ms.Glover was one of the speakers addressing the crowd. I yelled out this very question as loud as I could. She looked right at me, but not sure if she heard as it was pretty loud.

  6. Steven Says:

    Was there a quid pro quo? / kickback $$$$
    How much $$$$ did Ghomeshi receive for booking them? /
    Needs to be investigated

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