Racist Liberal Senator “white man behaviour”


Liberal Senator Lillian Dyck has proven herself blatant racist for saying this to Conservative MP Rob Clarke:

“That, for a First Nations man, is not traditional First Nations behaviour. It was not at all. It is what we would call … white man behaviour, and you can be insulted by that if you like.”

Dyck not only refused to apologise but doubled down:

“We use that ‘white man’ comment all the time because at the signing of the treaties it was the white man and the Indians,” Dyck said. “I didn’t think using the term ‘white man’ was offensive.” (see here)

Because Dyck would accept the term “red woman behaviour” right?


3 Responses to “Racist Liberal Senator “white man behaviour””

  1. Peter Says:

    Lillian Dyck I gather was appointed to the senate because of her race and not because she had anything else to offer which is now showing through.
    I wrote her a few years ago and she never bothered to acknowledge the letter or bother to reply.
    I wonder if she accepts the term Indian when referring to her since at the time of the treaties it was Indians and white man? That will tell you all you have to know about this woman.

  2. dddddancetotheradio Says:

    We use the word parch all the time, too.
    So there.

  3. Suzaki Says:

    She can compare notes on who is acceptable to exercise racist beliefs against with Manitoba’s Deputy Premier ( and Aboriginal Affairs minister) Eric Robinson. He referred to a black (!) woman who wanted to do a fundraiser for a women’s shelter (that one of his staff didn’t like) as a “do-good white person”. Then he rejected the first official request to apologize from the Premier’s press secretary. If that attitude is how thew NDP does business, it’s no wonder why Manitoba is so troubled with inequality and social issues.

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