Danielle Smith lying about being offered cabinet seat by Prentice?


Danielle Smith is having a hard time keeping her stories straight on not only the timeline of her treachery:

Prentice said he didn’t know Danielle Smith would be crossing until last week when he met her at the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald in Edmonton. But he was aware of inquiries from the Wildrose coming to his chief of staff “about five weeks ago” — after two Wildrose MLAs, Kerry Towle and Ian Donovan, had already crossed the floor.

For her part, Smith has said discussions had been going on for months, starting soon after her party lost all four byelections Oct. 27. (see here)

But also what promises were made behind closed doors with the Alberta PCs:

Smith said she asked Prentice for a cabinet position but doesn’t know if Prentice will give it to her. (see here)

Which contradicts what she told Sun’s Ezra Levant:

I’m getting no perk out of the deal. I’ve told the premier I’m prepared to play a meaningful role in this government as have the other eight but that’s the prerogative of the premier. (watch here apx 3:30 mark)

Also, check out Smith’s bizarre eye twitching that starts at the same time – her body betraying her just like she did Wildrose supporters.


4 Responses to “Danielle Smith lying about being offered cabinet seat by Prentice?”

  1. Deryk Says:

    Opportunism defeats grass roots democracy………………………….. again!

  2. Liz J Says:

    Prentice may want to be handle this very carefully. Will the Liberals and NDP be calling it a coalition?
    There are no rules against floor crossing, it’s time there were.

    • taxapyer Says:

      These people are collecting a paycheck from Alberta taxpayers. Those who elected them to public office under a Party name and platform in their riding, are their employers. The 9 should not collect another paycheck from Alberta taxpayers until they quit and re-run for their seats….as Conservatives (CINOS) in a by-election, otherwise they are obtaining a benefit from taxpayers through electoral fraud. I’m not paying taxes to support that.

      This is where the Party system breaks down, on floor crossing. If you quit your employer and go work for another in the private sector, you keep a paycheck coming. Different employer. These guys quit their electoral employer and then keep their paychecks even if they changed brands? As I said: a benefit through electoral fraud.

      We don’t need political Party’s then, do we? I cast my ballot to WR when I had a choice to cast one for the Prog wannabe, last election. It is the height of arrogance that an elected individual can switch Party’s, post election and claim it’s for the greater good, which really boils down to them, not the ones who were lied to in the last election. They obtained their seat fraudulently, then.

      As for the PC Party, my “new choice” rammed down my throat, they stripped any vestige of Albertan’s property rights from them with the new Land Stewardship Act. I’ll never vote for them.

  3. Liz J Says:


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