Trudeau breaks helmet law riding snowmobile in Inuvik?


In a series of publicity photos taken by Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s personal photographer while Trudeau was in Inuvik, were a few showing Trudeau and his son riding a snowmobile:

Justin and Xavier go snowmobiling in Inuvik. January 10, 2015 (see here)

But what caught my attention was although his son is wearing a helmet, Trudeau himself does not so I did a little digging and found this:


The operator of, and any passenger being carried or towed by an all-terrain vehicle
within the town, shall at al times wear a protective CSA approved helmet when the
all-terrain vehicle is in motion.

And there’s also a matter of having a proper license:

No person shall operate an all-terrain vehicle on a highway, or in any other public place within the town, unless such person holds a valid Town of Inuvik All-Terrain Vehicle Operator’s Permit or a valid drivers’ permit issued by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles. (see here)

You’ll remember the Media Party going ape when PM Stephen Harper went for an ATV ride (see here) so there’s no way they will let this slide, right?


4 Responses to “Trudeau breaks helmet law riding snowmobile in Inuvik?”

  1. R William Donaldson Says:

    It’s not about even treatment or fairness or consistency. It’s all about, ‘Get Harper’!

    The operational objective of the media mongrels is to destroy the person of Stephen Harper and his chances of being re-elected. The Parliamentary Press Gallery and their parent media is virtually unanimous in achieving that objective. All else is subordinate.

  2. Liz J Says:

    Those who aspire to lead should at least set good examples. As for Trudeau, he’s so special he’s exempted, the media consortium are all the protection he needs.

  3. Bocanut Says:

    The heir apparent’s new hair edict/legislation:
    I must be able to display my gorgeous locks unfettered by law ,nature ,acts of God.
    Luxuriant dispalys of tousled tresses in my presence must be fully covered, failure to bandana bouffants shall result in a penalty of severe interrogation to find the root causes of glistening shininess and expulsion from my party.
    So it is written so shall it be.

  4. fhl Says:

    We are also to BELIEVE only the Conservative Party has a DONATE button on their site.
    Funny when I visit RARELY the Liberal site I find the DONATE Button.

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