My official complaint filed against Global News’ Tom Clark

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I have sent the following complaint to Troy Reeb, Senior Vice President of News for all Shaw Media:

In the aftermath of the recent Paris tragedy, a popular myth quickly spread that the Conservative Party was seeking to raise funds by exploiting the episode into some sort of broader narrative about the Prime Minister’s foreign policy leadership. It was observed that the Conservative Party website featured a “donate” button above an infographic featuring a quote from Prime Minister Harper in reaction to the tragedy. At 8:26 PM on January 8, Global News Chief Political Correspondent Tom Clark contributed to this gossip by tweeting that the “Conservatives [are] using the Paris massacre to raise money” and that such action “takes some sort of cold blood.” (see attached)

However, as this CBC story reveals, the “donate” button in question was simply a permanent fixture on the Conservative website, present on every page, regardless of content. Any attempt to portray the Conservatives as seeking to “raise money” from the Paris tragedy thus required a great deal of ignorance regarding how campaign websites work, or indeed, a lack of even cursory research to understand the structure of the Conservative site in particular.

For his part in helping spread this ugly misinformation at the expense of the Conservative Party’s reputation, I believe Tom Clark must offer an official retraction of his January 8 comments.

Thank you
Dean Skoreyko


2 Responses to “My official complaint filed against Global News’ Tom Clark”

  1. Liz J Says:

    Good luck!
    IMO we’ll be seeing a lot of desperate actions by those in the Opposition and the Media Party. The Liberals are truly desperate to put their latest chosen one into power and to this point he’s a disaster, an embarrassment. He’s showing himself as a person being led,a person incapable of being anything but a front man for a cabal who are feeding him talking points he really can’t expand on, he can’t answer basic questions anyone who aspires to lead should be able to do without stammering out hogwash.

  2. andycanuck Says:

    If you look through the Small Dead Animals archives of the past three or so weeks, I seem to recall a story there showing a Liberal having had the same thing happen. Maybe check it out, Dean, to see if the MSM decided to let a Grit ride for the same “offence”?

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