HuffPost’s Althia Raj runs libellous statement against ex-candidate from anon Liberal official

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The Liberal Party didn’t care for Varinder Bhullar accusing them of pulling his candidacy in favour of a preferred candidate:

“Once they couldn’t bribe or threaten me out, they tried to bully me out by convincing the local board to kick me out of the race. It was dirty tricks. I said that a nomination race was the best way to go,” he said. (see here)

So they gave a call to one of their Media Party shills, Huffington Post’s Althia Raj to get back at him:

“The man cheated. He was caught. And it was a pretty flagrant violation,” a Liberal party official said, insisting on anonymity. (see here)

It’s not even remotely ethical for Raj to run a libellous statement under the condition of anonymity.

I would certainly be launching a lawsuit against Raj and the Huffing Post if I was Bullar – let’s see what he does.


4 Responses to “HuffPost’s Althia Raj runs libellous statement against ex-candidate from anon Liberal official”

  1. Bocanut Says:

    She’s a full fledged Bozette

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Protecting her boy Justin at all costs.

  3. Liz J Says:

    It’s one thing to ask a person to step aside, another thing entirely to pull a stunt like this.
    This is all happening because the Liberals don’t want the riding folks to choose their own candidates, even after Trudeau said he wouldn’t do it he’s been doing it repeatedly.

    Same thing in Liberal Ontario, Trudeau’s biggest fan Wynne has created a quagmire by choosing a candidate for a by-election she called in Sudbury. An NDP MP turned provincial Liberal and now all the old has beens are trotting out in the cold white north to support their candidates. Broadbent to stump for the NDP and Chretien for the chosen Liberal candidate.

    They’re fighting within, making more enemies, it’s all good. Things could get pretty ugly for the Dauphin as he continues to be managed by incompetents like himself.

  4. ohboy Says:

    ‘managed by incompetents like himself.’… hah, good line Liz J.
    You’d think the liberals would have learned by now that everything they touch turns to scandal.
    One has to shake their head in awe as to why wonder boy would even say anything as foolish as ‘open nominations at the riding level’ … something the opposition doesn’t even have to work at to point out.
    Justin regularly paints himself into corners he can’t credibly get out of.
    This stuff just keeps writing itself !

    Still, as appalling as it is, pm trudeau could happen.

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