Eyewitnesses to Muslims chanting Heil Hitler at Jews say media, Calgary Police also heard them discuss raping women

Last summer I exposed Calgary Herald reporter Erika Stark refusing to report on Muslim men chanting Heil Hitler at Jews during a rally organized by Ezra Levant (see here) and even though it was widely covered by online websites and the Times of Israel (see here), not a single Canadian news organization would touch it. But it gets even worse.

Two eyewitnesses have now told me that these same Heil Hitler chanters also discussed raping women and that the Calgary Police and media in attendance would have heard it just like the Hitler taunts:

hitler chanters talk raping women

Now ask yourself what else the media and Calgary Police are covering-up – scary thought isn’t it?

Update: Not only has a 3rd person come forward to verify this happening, he says the Calgary Police recorded it all

hitler chanters calgary police


12 Responses to “Eyewitnesses to Muslims chanting Heil Hitler at Jews say media, Calgary Police also heard them discuss raping women”

  1. R William Donaldson Says:

    I make this careful difference: the police follow orders from City Hall, as they should. The police are not journalists.

    As for the media, their failure to report is strictly voluntary. It’s self-censorship. In their self-imposed mission to shape the news they will recognize only those facts that fit the narrative. It is this crew we must fight.

  2. Liz J Says:

    We should all be concerned when a group of such pigs talk about raping women, police should be more than concerned, raping women is a crime, it’s their job to put them on a watch list. As for hate speech, that’s apparently allowed against Jews and Christians in Canada.

  3. Liz J Says:

    Well, what a surprise, the boys in Red Serge will not investigate Redford………I’m not smug, I’m sure the same thing will unfold in Ontario where the police unions supported the Wynne wrecking crew in the last election giving us the most corrupt government in the history of the province.

  4. fhl Says:

    Prime Minister Harper CONTROLS the Canadian MEDIA
    I always thought those glowing reports of the hard work done by the BEST Prime Minister Stephen Harper in my life time must be controlled by PM Harper the most powerful man in the world wow!!!
    Canadians are fortunate to have our strong forward looking Prime Minister Stephen Harper

  5. fhl Says:

    Mark Bourrie appeared on morning CTV talked about his new book
    it is his opinion that PM Harper controls message to media

  6. Jen Says:

    Dean, I have been reading the twitters on how the media supports Justin on the niqab but I have not seen one single left-wing female reporter stand in solidarity with Justin in a Niqab outfit. These same women should wear the NIQAB when appearing on television.

    • Jen Says:

      Continue….. most likely Justin WILL have his Canadian media women wear a NIQAB, when he gets into power since he likes having control over women.

  7. Jen Says:

    BTW, check out Tarek Fattah’s twitter on the niqab issue and that Muslim women not allow to have their faces covered at the one place you would assume coverage of their faces is required-THE MECCA. Tarek knows more than any white man in Canada when the subject of Muslims issues arises. Thanks Tarek.

  8. burton Says:

    “I was raised around guns, raised shooting, we have guns up at our country place, they were registered until they were stolen in a break in a few years ago, but it’s something that is part of my life” (see here)

    Hi Dean – Dean…I have to know for sure. Is that an actual quote from Trudeau concerning his having guns at his cottage which were stolen some time later.?You referenced a link to the Hill Times which can only be accessed now through a subscription.
    Just a confirmation would be nice.

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