CP’s Jennifer Ditchburn omits mentioning CTV’s Don Martin agreed to ban CRTC chairman from TV show

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In a bombshell of a story broke by the Globe and Mail’s James Bradshaw who exposes his ultimate boss, Bell Media’s Kevin Krull for sending out an order to CTV News president Wendy Freeman demanding the chair of the CRTC be banned from appearing on-air:

After the call, sources say, Ms. Freeman contacted CTV staff to tell them of the directive from Mr. Crull and not to use clips of Mr. Blais, telling some she felt she would be fired if they did not comply. Other CTV employees were concerned for their jobs, according to a source.

Mr. Blais was booked for an interview on the CTV show Power Play at 5 p.m., hosted by Don Martin. But minutes before the show went to air, CTV cancelled Mr. Blais’s appearance. A CRTC spokesperson confirmed the cancellation, but said no reason was given. Instead, the program led with Mr. Martin discussing the decision with Mr. Bonnell. (see here)

That takes a lot of guts to out your boss and full marks to Bradshaw for doing so especially compared to how CP’s Jennifer Ditchburn didn’t mention Don Martin agreeing to ban Blais in her follow-up story and even going so far as to report Freeman refused to follow Krull’s order:

The Globe report said CTV Ottawa bureau chief Bob Fife, along with chief anchor Lisa LaFlamme and Freeman, ultimately refused to abide by Crull’s edict for the evening national newscast. (see here)

Ditchburn is obviously trying to protect Freeman and Newman from any further public scrutiny and has a history of conflicts of interests when it comes to other news organizations like the CBC which I filed an official complaint about (see here) and Brian Lilley picked up for his book CBC Exposed:

cbc exposed skoreyko lilley

Thinking it may be time to file another complaint.


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  1. Centurion Says:

    Whack ’em, Blue.

  2. Liz J Says:

    Ditchburn’s strong point is omitting, tinkering with the facts to manipulate opinion to fit an agenda. I think we know her agenda, it’s pretty obvious.

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