Opposition leaks Foreign Affairs memo to Citizen’s Berthiaume who then misleads what memo states


A perfect example how giving any government internal information will be immediately used by the opposition parties and Media Party to attack the Conservatives was this piece by Ottawa Citizen’s Lee Berthiaume:

Canadian diplomats have quietly warned members of Parliament that the “best weapon” for fighting the Islamic State is diplomacy and finding a “political solution” — a message that appears to run counter to the Conservative government’s emphasis on military action.

Yet the memo states:

“Military operations are a key component in defeating ISIL…” (see here)

But why would Berthiaume let facts get in the way of his agenda right?

The opposition is now fully exposed willing to feed friendly reporters government documents as is the Citizen for torquing the contained information in order to help them out in return.



3 Responses to “Opposition leaks Foreign Affairs memo to Citizen’s Berthiaume who then misleads what memo states”

  1. Jen Says:

    How many reporters’ heads have been sliced off with a knife by ISIS, again?

  2. Liz J Says:

    At what point should the Opposition and their media trumpets be considered enemies of the state? Where do we draw the line between playing political games and the security of the country? This stuff wouldn’t have been tolerated during the first and second world wars, it’s bordering on treason.

    The Opposition in the HOC and elsewhere asking dumb questions about military operations and buzz words like “exit strategy” is aiding the murderous tribe called ISIS. Wars are not won by telling the enemy where, what, how and when you’ll stop the fight.

  3. Liz J Says:

    We can expect more of this behaviour from the Opps and their media minions, with the Conservatives leading in the polling and fundraising, they’ll be going starkers.

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