Media Party story of “shadowy” Conservative fundraising group blows up in their face

Elizabeth Thompson

The cloak and dagger story about how a group raising money to fund Conservatives in Canada was started by iPolitics’ Elizabeth Thompson:

Mysterious conservative group finds way around political spending limits (see here)

Which Macleans’ Paul Wells then references in a column and doubles down by calling this group “shadowy” (see here). Lazy Journalism 101 – regurgitating another Media Party member’s anti-Conservative story.

But the lie falls apart after Thompson runs a second story quoting NDP, Liberal and Green MPs clutching their pearls:

Conservative group risks bringing in big-money US style politics to Canada: critics (see here)

Because besides failing to mention all the foreign money Lefty groups like Tides brings into Canada (see here) Thompson buries this near the end:

While critics say the group is taking advantage of loopholes in Canada’s political financing law, former Chief Electoral Officer Jean-Pierre Kingsley disagrees.

“It is not a flaw in the law, this is not a loophole,” he explained in an interview. “People outside of the electoral period can organize themselves as they wish. They can pick up money from any source they want. This is called freedom of association and freedom of speech.”

Now, if Macleans’ Paul Wells had an ounce of integrity, he would retract and apologise for smearing this legitimate conservative group.

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3 Responses to “Media Party story of “shadowy” Conservative fundraising group blows up in their face”

  1. Liz J Says:

    This is what goes on with agenda driven media hacks, make false accusations by written or spoken words and the Conservative ignore them, they know this so they get away with it.

    Asking Paul Wells or any of the screed monkeys to apologize is an exercise in futility.

    I get PO’d when listening to the Opposition spouting off about the economy taking a dip…..what the hell would they do about lower oil revenue which is the big reason? Why is this Harper’s fault when he’s always been a supporter of the Oil Sands and the NDP and Liberals are playing political games with it ?

  2. Deryk Says:

    Freedom of association and freedom of speech. Often opposed by Liberal and NDP shills.

  3. Centurion Says:

    This illiberal lizard is a biased Liberal ****.

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