Another Media Party member exposed at Duffy trial – received $7,000 for writing one speech

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We knew the Canadian Senate was rotten but now we have proof Canada’s media is just as ethically decayed.

During the Mike Duffy trial it was exposed Press Gallery member Mark Bourrie had been paid by Duffy to look for people harassing him online (see here) and now we find out Montreal Gazette’s L. Ian MacDonald received $7,000 to write a single speech for him:


You’ll notice National Post’s Tristin Hopper omits mentioning MacDonald writes a political column for his sister Postmedia newspaper (see here).

I’ve asked Hopper to explain why he didn’t include that information and also asked MacDonald if he disclosed taking $7,000 from Duffy to Postmedia but I’m not holding my breath.

Makes you wonder how many Media Party members took money from Duffy and are hoping it doesn’t come to light same as Bourrie and MacDonald.


CBC’s Rick Mercer caught lying again – this time about Jason Kenney and Russian plane

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It’s beyond obvious CBC’s Rick Mercer hates Conservatives but the repetitive lies he states about them on his tax-funded ‘comedy’ show needs to be challenged.

The latest example of Mercer’s attacks on Conservatives is his “rant” calling Minister Jason Kenney a liar:

Problem for Mercer and others in the Media Party is that Kenney’s version was confirmed to be true:

Two Russian warplanes repeatedly flew over a Canadian warship during its recent operations in the Black Sea, according to a declassified navy report (see here)

And as I mentioned above, this isn’t the first time Mercer has proven himself to be liar here:

And here again:

Enough is enough – the Conservatives need to push back and force Mercer to publicly apologise and retract his lies or be sued into oblivion.


Margaret Trudeau openly campaigning on the CBC against Harper


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Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s mother was on CBC radio to ‘promote’ her book but just happened to get into partisan politics:

Sure, she’s his mom and all that.

But Margaret Trudeau told CBC Radio’s Ottawa Morning Wednesday that she’s dreading “that horrible game of politics” and the nasty campaign attacks she feels are bound to come Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s way in this year’s federal election.

“All that attacking, all that meanness, all the partisanship… I have a bigger, peaceful view of life than aggressively breaking down other people. I try to build up people, not break them down, and in politics, it seems now the game is breaking down your opponents,” she told host Robyn Bresnahan

And when do you think the CBC will have an immediate family member of Harper’s on to take personal shots at Trudeau?:

“Could I remind people that when Mr. Harper shanghaied the Progressive Conservative Party… Reform-Alliance… he was 43? And Justin is 43,” she pointed out. (see here)

And about that bullying that she is so against, here’s her body-shaming Harper in May 2013:

“If Stephen Harper took off his shirt in public, I’m not sure he’d raise any money for charity”

And yes, that was during a mental health awareness event (see here) – classy lady that Margaret Trudeau.



Liberals in disarray after Trudeau confirms he’s open to coalition with NDP

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Liberal leader Justin Trudeau opened his mouth today and once again firmly jammed his foot in it:

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says he might be more open to the idea of forming a coalition with the NDP — if Thomas Mulcair was not its leader. (see here)

This is after Trudeau has repeatedly denied being in favour of a coalition just back in December:

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau ruled out a coalition government, called climate change a serious threat and promised a national inquiry into murdered and missing women in a wide-ranging, year-end interview with Postmedia’s Mark Kennedy in his Parliament Hill office on Friday (see here)

This of course begs the question whether the Liberal caucus was in on Trudeau’s coalition flip-flop? And as his communication director tries to do damage control, it’s pretty obvious they were not:

purchase coalition

You’ll notice how many Media Party members were quick to help Purchase spread the word – too late though as Trudeau’s hidden agenda is no longer a secret.


Another Media Party lie exposed – Canada ranked high in world’s open governments


A study from the World Justice Project has ranked Canada 7th most open government in the world:

The countries were assessed on four categories: publicised laws and government data, right to information, civic participation, and complaint mechanisms. (see here)

Just don’t expect all the Media Party members who are stricken with Harper Derangement Syndrome to admit they lied.

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