Star’s Hepburn gets caught making up anti-Conservative crime stats in column

bob hepburn

There’s a few noticeable things to pick up from Bob Hepburn latest column – first being he is obviously in full panic-mode about Trudeau’s ability to beat Harper this fall when responding to a Liberal operative:

“How do you think we’re doing?” the veteran Liberal party campaign organizer asked as we sat a few days ago in a quiet backroom at a non-political conference.

My hesitation, though, was due to my understanding that many long-time Liberals, those people who stuck with the party through the Martin-Dion-Ignatieff years, are growing increasingly uneasy with Trudeau. (see here)

Safely bet these “long-time Liberals” Hepburn is referring to are the management of the Toronto Star as Hepburn is the Star’s official spokesman but what also jumped out at me was Hepburn admitting he was chatting with a Liberal player yet refusing to name him/her.

Anyone else curious what Hepburn and this “Liberal campaign organizer” were doing hanging out in a “backroom at a non-political conference”? How many meetings does the Star’s official spokesman have with Liberal campaign organizers where he’s giving them political advice?

The Media Party whine about government openness yet hide their dirty dealings with political organizers and insiders.

Adding to the unethicalness of this column is Conservative Senator Linda Frum catching Hepburn spouting incorrect figures on Canada’s incarceration rate:

frum hepburn

This is not the first time Hepburn has been caught making up things (see here) and as his and the Star’s panic worsens, it won’t be the last.




2 Responses to “Star’s Hepburn gets caught making up anti-Conservative crime stats in column”

  1. Jen Says:

    I wonder if and when the interview Justin had with the Iranian reporters in Ontario will be aired by the media. Justin to the disgust of Iranian-Canadians, made a vow that he when he is PM will remove the sanctions put on Iran by PM Harper. No amount of reporters will EVER be able to protect Justin and the LPC since those Iranian reporters have tapes of the interview. Justin may play games but I am positive that Iran will demand him to remove the sanctions or else…….

  2. Jen Says:

    You can commit many crimes but as long you are a liberal or say you are a liberal, you will be protected by the reporters. But make the mistake of saying you are conservatives, you will be chewed up by the media. So, folks, use the media to your advantage like most people do even though they vote conservatives.

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