Perfect of CBC’s Harper-Derangement Syndrome – press pass typos ‘story’


CBC reporters like Kirk Williams can’t hide their glee whenever they post childish crap like this:

kirk williams

I asked Williams if he had no real news yesterday to report on and if he has never made a typo – no answer back of course.

And Williams wasn’t the only publicly-paid CBC journalist thinking this was news as CBC ran it as a news story:

Typos in Prime Minister’s Office press pass induce mockery on Twitter (see here)

And CBC’s As It Happens gets into the act:

cbc as it happens

And CBC’s The National even included it in their telecast last night – another proud moment for Peter Mansbridge.

I honestly cannot hate the CBC more then when I see this type of juvenile ‘reporting’ done on the taxpayers’ dime especially when they do everything they can to ignore or play-down gaffes by Trudeau (see here).

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